There will always be a class that is at the bottom of the totem pole in Hearthstone and for a while now that class has been Priest. While this means that many people will avoid playing the class entirely it also encourages those players who enjoy a challenge to come up with ways to solve the Priests inherent issues and thrive playing only the “worst” class.

Amaz is one of these players and has made a name for himself as one of the most popular streamers as well as a Priest specialist. He is known for sniper Ragnaros the Firelord shots and having fun on stream but also for winning some big tournaments. A bit lesser known but equally as skilled at the ways of the Priest is an EU player named Zetalot. He plays a very different deck that features the Priest legendary Prophet Velen but with a similar board control style and has found success on the ladder. Since more people know of the Amaz version of Priest let’s take a look at Zetalot’s deck and discuss its play style.

In this write-up I will cover each card and some replacements that can be made depending on the current meta as well as the overall play style and strategy. Let’s dig in!

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Circle of Healing x2 - this card is a Priest staple at this point as it allows for huge drawing turns with Northshire Clerics as well as turn 3 4/7 Injured Blademasters (or turn 2 with the coin). These are both solid plays but the real magic of this card is the 4 mana Flamestrike with the Auchenai Soulpriest. Along with Wild Pyromancer and Holy Nova this gives the Priest a lot of AoE removal which is great against Zoo and aggro decks.

Holy Smite x2 - 1 mana for 2 damage puts this card on par with other removal spells and helps with early tempo. Combined with Wild Pyromancer this is a mini Swipe and with Prophet Velen this is suddenly 4 damage for 1 mana.

Northshire Cleric x2 - the biggest drawing engine in the deck and the only card that can be played on turn 1. Try not to throw this out without some back up on turn 1 as getting no cards can be devastating. Back up includes Power Word: Shield or Holy Smite.

Power Word: Shield x2 - this card cycles for 1 mana which is great on its own but it really shines when you combine it with the Wild Pyromancer. This allows the Wild Pyro to live and go off a few more times while you continue to heal it.

Mind Blast - this was always thought of as a bad card but has made a comeback since Priest can’t rely on winning through fatigue damage. This is also a 2 mana Pyroblast once Velen hits the board so once the board is yours you can start playing aggressively once you draw the Mind blast.

Shadow Word: Death x2 - you may have noticed that there are no Shadow Word: Pains in the deck. This is because that card will never be better than a 1 for 1. Most of the time a card that has 3 or less attack can be killed 1 for 1 anyway. The big guys, however, can be tough to remove. With SW:D, Ragnaros melts away for only 3 mana which means you can develop your board in the same turn.

Thoughtsteal x2 - one of the funnest cards in the game actually happens to be one of the best. This card does a few great things in this deck. It is a spell which activates your Wild Pyromancer. It gives you an idea of what archetype you are playing against by showing you a couple of cards that are in the opponents deck. Those two benefits aside, it turns out that the counter to a lot of decks is the mirror match-up and this card allows you to adapt to the deck you are playing against in a way no other card can.

Auchenai Soulpriest x2 - this card is fantastic as it has several good combos but is just a good body on its own. You can combo with Circle of Healing for the board wipe as well as just use it to remove one creature with hero power. Be careful against aggro using this guy late as sometimes you will need to heal yourself rather than damage minions if you want to live.

Holy Nova x2 - this is a huge AoE that also has the added benefit of healing the hero and all friendly minions. You can us ethos with an Injured Blademaster and a Northshire Cleric to clear the board and draw a card which is a huge tempo swing. Also with Azure Drake or Wild Pyromancer you can deal 3 damage to the opposing board which will almost always be a full clear.

Cabal Shadow Priest - this is one of the flex spots in the deck but this card can be a huge tempo swing. The best targets for Cabal are Harvest Golems, Acolyte of Pain and and Loot Hoarder. This is a card that will usually have a target at some point to try to hold it for value as long as possible. You can swap for a Black Knight or a Cairne if you aren’t finding enough targets.

Holy Fire x2 - kills Chillwind Yetis while healing your hero for 5. That’s pretty good but once you add in Prophet Velen then you can burst for 20 with one of these and a Mind Blast. This card also allows you to outlast aggro until you can wrestle board control away with your AoE.

Prophet Velen - the key to the success of this deck is the Prophet Velen finishers. You can get 14 damage with Velen + Mind Blast + Holy Smite which is a nice amount of burst for any deck. Getting Velen to stick for a turn is difficult so try to hold him until you can get value the same turn or until you have baited out a lot of removal.

Sunfury Protector - this is another flex spot in the deck. If aggro is the meta use this guy. If it’s control you can switch to a Black Knight or a Big Game Hunter. It’s nice to be able to adjust the deck by changing out one card and this spot is just for that. Once Naxx has settled down there may even be other cards that belong here.

Wild Pyromancer x2 - this is the other key to the deck. There are so many plays that can be made with Wild Pyromancer since the deck is half spells. Be very careful as these plays can be rather complex and you must remember that the damage happens to both sides of the board.

Earthen Ring Farseer - only one of these in the deck as there is not room for two but this card fits the deck well. You can play these as super SI:7 Agents if an Auchenai Soulpriest is on the board or just heal your Injured Blademasters to have a 4/6 and 3/3 on the board on turn 6. Either way it’s value!

Injured Blademaster x2 - one thing to note about these guys is that even though it costs 5 mana to play a Chillwind Yeti worth of stats with the hero power, this card gives you the upside of being able to heal it to 7 health the next turn which Yeti does not. I don’t need to mention the Circle of Healing combo but I will. Get a 4/7 on board on turn 2 or 3 and you will often outright win the game from there.

Azure Drake x2 - have a listed a deck that doesn’t run 2 of these? Azure Drake is just too damn good and in the pre-Naxx world of bad neutral 5 drops this card is king. We’ll see how that changes once the new cards hit the meta but for now you can almost auto-include this card in almost every deck.

Sylvanas Windrunner - this card disappeared briefly after being nerved to 6 mana but in this deck you have some great synergies that allow Sylvanas to shine. Play her and the Shadow Word: Death for an old school 8 mana mind control or just throw her out when the board is full and watch the opponent struggle with what to do. Either way she changes the state of the board like no other card and can swing games back that were once lost.

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The mulligan phase you want to keep Clerics, Injured Blademasters, Circle of Healing and Wild Pyromancers. Unless you have the Blademaster + Circle combo the first few turns can feel slow as this deck is not full of 2 and 3 drops but once you get to the mid-game this deck can start to fight for board control aggressively. Make smart trades and heal your minions over yourself unless you believe you are in danger of a lethal combo.

It is also important to look for big card draw turns early on. If you can draw 2-4 cards in a turn with the Northshire Cleric you will have plenty of ammo to finish out the game from there. Wild Pyromancer and Circle of Healing can lead to massive draw turns. So much so that you will need to be wary of over drawing.

Once you have hit late game start counting the damage you can do the next turn and if it is not enough continue clearing the board as best you can. Be aware of what you can draw that could win the game as if there is no more direct damage you may need to take a risk and hit the face in hopes that you can find lethal next turn. This is a different style than most previous Priest decks as the direct damage was almost non-existent. This deck has finishers and similar to Miracle Rogue or aggro you should always be counting the damage available to you.

Zetalot is the master of this Priest deck so here is a link to a VOD of him playing the deck:

Twitch VoD of Zetalot Prophecy Deck around rank 1

Of course, as I wrote this Naxx came out and the Hearthstone world changed so next week we will discuss the cards that came out this week and what decks have changed because of them. It’s an exciting time to be playing Hearthstone for sure. Let me know if you have any questions or comments about this deck below.

Job’s done!