Gadgetzan arrives today!

The new Mean Streets of Gadgetzan expansion is finally here. But where do you start? What are things you should be looking out for? We touch on some of the biggest talking points.

Back to TopRelease Date

All we know for certain is that the expansion is releasing on December 1 on the Americas server and December 2 in Europe. We do not know what time specifically, but historically new sets are released at 10 AM PST.

  • Americas: Now Live!
  • Europe: December 2

Back to TopNew Quests

While we don't know how they're unlocked or added yet, there are three special quests that were added in this week's patch.

  • Join the Goons - Win 3 games as a Hunter, Paladin, or Warrior.
    • 2 Mean Streets of Gadgetzan Packs
  • Join the Jade Lotus - Win 3 games as a Druid, Rogue, or Shaman.
    • 2 Mean Streets of Gadgetzan Packs
  • Join the Kabal - Win 3 games as a Mage, Priest, or Warlock.
    • 2 Mean Streets of Gadgetzan Packs

We presume players will be able to earn all six free packs.

Back to TopPityTracker

What is PityTracker, you ask? It's quite simply really. Sometime in the past, the Hearthstone community realized that Blizzard's algorithm, which rewards cards when you open packs, are tuned such that as you approach 40 packs in a row without a legendary, the odds become increasingly likely. To a lesser extent, there is also one for epics, but most use the tool just to keep track of when they're overdue for a legendary since each set has its own value for this.

It requires you to enter each pack manually but that isn't a big deal unless you're adding a ton of packs at once. Doing so allows you to view your pack opening history and the site even allows you to sort by various criteria. We've included our ten best packs in terms of dust value since we started using the service.

So make sure to keep track for the new set so you know when you're getting close to a legendary draw!

Back to TopTri-Class Cards

Each class belongs to one of the city's three factions. Your class cards and neutral minions all fall into that faction's theme. The affiliations are:

  • Grimy Goons: Hunter, Paladin, Warrior
  • Kabal: Mage, Priest, Warlock
  • Jade Lotus: Druid, Rogue, Shaman


Tri-Class Cards: Some neutral minions are only available to members of their faction; for example, a Grimestreet Informant  (a member of the Grimy Goons) can only be in Hunter, Paladin, or Warrior decks.

It's worth noting that tri-class cards can Discover themselves since they count as being all three classes at once.

Back to TopNew Secrets

There are three new secrets in Gadgetzan. So if you're playing against a Hunter, Paladin, or Mage, make sure to take these new triggers into account when making decisions.

Back to TopNew Mechanics

While not a new mechanic per se, the Grimy Goons effect (such as Don Han'Cho) is one which buffs up the stats of minions in your hand. This has previously only been done sparingly, but it's now a full-fledged theme. Keep an eye out for sparkling minions in your opponent's hand, you'll know those are minions that have been affected by a buff!

Jade Golem is the lone new keyword. Many cards from the Jade Lotus family include it and it's actually quite simple. Whenever you see a card that summons a Jade Lotus, it's summoning from an ever growing army of them. The first time you summon one it'll be a one-mana 1/1, then a two-mana 2/2...five-mana 5/5, all the way up to a ten-mana 30/30. Yeah, they're pretty good against Control decks.

We also have a few clarifications on interactions that are worth noting.

Auctionmaster Beardo has a new phase, "refresh your hero power," which simply means it is enabled for use once again.

Kazakus is the first of his kind and lets you create a custom spell that costs either one, five, or ten mana and has two separate effects. Check out the video below for an example!

Knuckles deals the same damage to the enemy hero as it does a minion allowing you to strike through pesky taunt minions!

White Eyes' token The Storm Guardian is a five-mana 10/10 with Taunt, so be prepared!

Madam Goya functions similarly to Barnes. It pulls a random minion from the deck and then Goya takes its place, don't get confused!

Fight Promoter can activate off of itself. So if another card buffs it while in your hand it's a guaranteed card draw.

Mayor Noggenfogger really does make everything targeted random. This includes hero powers, attacks, spells, and more. However, it does not allow the game to create invalid moves such as attacking your own minions.



Back to TopRanked Card Back

As revealed in Tuesday's patch, December's card back is Jade Lotus themed so get to work on getting to Rank 20!

Back to TopArena

While Blizzard has not confirmed this will be the case with Mean Streets of Gadgetzan, keep in mind that cards from the latest expansion are usually 25% more likely to show up in new Arena drafts.

Back to TopPack Opening

We cracked open our 50 packs and you can watch the entire process in the video below. We get lots of epics...but only one legendary and it's not what we were hoping for. Here are our stats out of 52 packs, minus everything that was a duplicate:

  • Dust: ~ 600
  • Commons: 85
  • Golden Commons: 4
  • Rares: 40
  • Golden Rares: 3
  • Epics: 13
  • Golden Epics: 1
  • Legendaries: 1
  • Golden Legendaries: 0

Back to TopCrafting

Okay, so you have dust leftover now, what do you do with it? Honestly, it's probably best to craft the epics that you need for archetypes you want to run. But if you have your mind set on legendary minions like we do, we have a few pieces of advice.

  • Hold off on crafting class legendaries. Even if they seem fantastic they could end up not seeing play and you may end up wasting your arcane dust.
  • Don't disenchant a legendary just because you think it's bad. Pro players and streamers didn't think Dr. Boom was all that great and he ended up being the best minion ever released.
  • Craft the safest neutral legendaries possible. We're talking KazakusAya BlackpawDon Han'Cho, and maybe even Wrathion.


Back to TopWhat To Play

Play what you want! There's going to be a ton of experimenting over the next week or two while people find out what's truly best so don't be afraid to play something that isn't in the meta. But if you're looking for a general idea where each class stands, check out our video from yesterday where FalconePunch55 talks about which classes won and lost in Mean Streets of Gadgetzan.


Back to TopWho To Watch

Don't feel like playing? No problem. There's sure to be plenty of streamers building new decks and taking on the ladder. Here are a few we recommend:


Back to TopWhat's This?

Blizzard sent us a box full of goodies. Maybe we'll have to give away some of these posters...