All the information you need to know before diving into Hearthstone's new expansion.

Knights of the Frozen Throne, Hearthstones latest expansion, will soon be available. As per usual, we've prepared a Welcome Guide to provide you with all of the information you could possibly need. This post covers release times in the different regions, deck lists to play, crafting recommendations, a rundown of the new mechanics and card types, and more.

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Americas Region: August 10 12:00 PM PDT
Asia Region: August 11 07:00 AM KST
Europe Region: August 11 05:00 AM CEST

In addition, the Prologue and Lower Citadel wings from the adventure content will also be available at these times. Upper Reacher and The Frozen Throne release a week and two weeks later, respectively.

The new Icecrown Citadel mission content will also be available with the release of Knights of the Frozen Throne, in the form of three parts. One part will release each week, at the estimated release times indicated below:

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We have four decks to recommend to you from our Frozen Throne Theorycrafting - Four Decks For The New Expansion! article.


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Have some extra Arcane Dust and are unsure what to do with it? Honestly, it's probably best to craft the epics that you need for archetypes you want to run. But if you have your mind set on legendary minions like we do, we have a few pieces of advice.

  • Hold off on crafting class legendaries. Even if they seem fantastic they could end up not seeing play and you may end up wasting your arcane dust.

  • Don't disenchant a legendary just because you think it's bad. Pro players and streamers didn't think Dr. Boom was all that great and he ended up being the best minion ever released.

  • Craft the safest neutral legendaries possible. With Frozen Throne, that's pretty much just The Lich King.


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New Mechanics


Lifesteal is an all new ability coming to Hearthstone with the launch of Knights of the Frozen Throne. A card with this keyword will heal your Hero for any damage dealt. While the keyword itself is new, the effect is not. "Damage dealt by this minion also heals your hero," is the antiquated way of saying it and this is actually the exact same effect as Mistress of Pain which was part of Goblins vs Gnomes back in December of 2014. More recently Wickerflame Burnbristle had the same card text with Mean Streets of Gadgetzan in December 2016.

To make the keyword clearer, Blizzard has given cards with its effect a broken heart underneath their art when they're on the battlefield.

As has always been the case, it does not matter whether or not the minion with Lifesteal is attacking or not, any damage it deals heals you.


Back to TopNew Secrets

Make sure to be careful when playing against these classes! There are new secrets now in Standard.

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How Do I Get Arthas?

Paladins are getting a Prince Arthas hero skin. Unfortunately, he isn't available to unlock until after the final Knights of the Frozen Throne wing releases. At that point, you'll need to beat The Lich King with all nine classes and you'll unlock him.

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Who to Watch

At work? Can't play Hearthstone right now? Here are some streamers we recommend watching to scratch that itch for a while.


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Hero Cards

Hero cards are an all new type of Hearthstone card being introduced in Knights of the Frozen Throne. They are the only new card type to have been introduced after the game's release joining minions, spells, and weapons. Each hero card comes with its own Battlecry, five Armor, and a new hero power.

Unlike Lord Jaraxxus or Ragnaros from Majordomo Executus, these hero cards do not change your hero's maximum Health. As a result, these two cards will not be reclassified under the new card type.

Hero cards will not take into account your class or hero skin. Playing Deathstalker Rexxar as Alleria, Anduin, or Jaina will result in you becoming Deathstalker Rexxar.

Hero cards will be available in the Arena and each comes with all new emotes to spam.


Death Knight Cards

Both The Lich King and Arfus give special Death Knight cards which are uncollectible and not hero cards.

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Every Frozen Throne Card

Golden art for Knights of the Frozen Throne has arrived. Every card from Malfurion the Pestilent to Snowflipper Penguin is now 100% complete in our database.


Back to TopKnights of the Frozen Throne

Want to learn more about Hearthstone's upcoming Knights of the Frozen Throne? Head on over to our expansion guide.

Back to TopPityTracker

Sometime in the past, the Hearthstone community realized that Blizzard's algorithm, which rewards cards when you open packs, are tuned such that as you approach 40 packs in a row without a legendary, the odds become increasingly likely. To a lesser extent, there is also one for epics, but most use the tool just to keep track of when they're overdue for a legendary since each pack type is tracked independently.

It requires you to enter each pack manually but that isn't a big deal unless you're adding a ton of packs at once. Doing so allows you to view your pack opening history and the site even allows you to sort by various criteria. We've included our ten best packs in terms of dust value since we started using the service.

So make sure to keep track for the new set so you know when you're getting close to a legendary draw!


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Back to TopArise, Knights of the Frozen Throne!

Daxxarri 8/10/2017

Arise, Knights of the Frozen Throne!

Knights of the Frozen Throne has arrived! Card packs can be purchased and opened now!

Log in now to receive 3 free Knights of the Frozen Throne card packs*!

Back to TopThe Knights of the Frozen Throne

The Lich King’s entrepreneurial ventures in the mortal world are at an end, but you can now face him in Hearthstone! He’s brought all the terrifying power of the Scourge to the tavern, and each of Hearthstone’s nine classic heroes is poised to embrace the Lich King’s dark power to serve him as a Legendary Death Knight Hero card!

In Knights of the Frozen Throne, it’s up to you to decide how to wield the awesome abilities at their command!

Hero cards are an entirely new card type that are neither spell, minion, nor weapon. When played, each Death Knight Hero card replaces your hero, casts a Battlecry, dons some hefty armor, AND provides a potent new Hero Power. While each Hero manifests their power as a Death Knight in a different way, they all offer possibilities that can transform the way you play Hearthstone.

To see all of the Death Knight heroes, visit the Knights of the Frozen Throne gallery.


Back to TopMissions

The denizens of Icecrown Citadel have been hard at work preparing the fortress for your arrival! Knights of the Frozen Throne is our first expansion to include free Missions where you’ll encounter dread foes that will put your Hearthstone skills to the test.

As Knights of the Frozen Throne commences, you’ll face the lord of Icecrown Citadel. Completing this Prologue mission will add a free random Legendary Death Knight Hero card to your collection! If you can manage to overcome the final Mission with all nine Heroes, you’ll also unlock a new Paladin Hero: Prince Arthas, the young Paladin who claimed the cursed runeblade Frostmourne and became the Lich King!


Back to TopLifesteal

Knights of the Frozen Throne’s new keyword, Lifesteal, expands on an ability already found on some cards and gives its own dedicated keyword. When a card with Lifesteal deals damage, your hero is healed for the same amount. Witness the power of the Scourge!

Back to TopMammoth Power

Each new Hearthstone Year is an exciting time that brings a fresh start in the form of a new Standard format! The launch of Knights of the Frozen Throne marks the second expansion released in the Year of the Mammoth!

Read more about formats and the Year of the Mammoth.

The power of the Lich King is there for the taking. Claim it and wield the unholy might of a Death Knight as one of the Knights of the Frozen Throne


*3 free Knights of the Frozen Throne packs are a one-time offer and available only for a limited time. Offer available until October 31, 2017.