Since our lord and savior Yogg-Saron, Hope's End first graced the fields of Hearthstone, the classic Yogg-N-Load decklist has been extremely sparse on minion presence. But the release of Cloaked Huntress has many yet again questioning whether that's actually the best move. Is there a better Yogg-N-Load deck out there?

Originally popularized by Savjz, Savjz's Yogg-N-Load Hunter is a Control Hunter deck that runs 25 spells to help secure the board and build up the number of spells Yogg itself will cast. Most run just a single King's Elekk to try and get Yogg into their hands. Some prefer to also utilize Emperor Thaurissan to help make the Hunter's massive hand of cards cheaper and increase the ease of play with Lock and Load.

But Kolento has been toying around with the new One Night In Karazhan cards, opening up the deck to run more than just a few crucial minions. Kolento Hunter has Cloaked Huntress which makes the class resemble something of the old Secret Paladin. But this time around you're actually casting the spells yourself, not just pulling them from your deck. And while this is seen as a negative overall, it means that we get incredible synergy with cards that require you to cast spells. Just look at the number of secrets this deck runs. Bear Trap, Explosive Trap, Freezing Trap, Snake Trap, and Snipe. There are eight secrets in this list, double of what you'd expect to see in just about all Hunter decks.

The dream here is that you combine Lock and Load with Cloaked Huntress to cast a bunch of secrets for free, therefore drawing you more spells which could be even more secrets that cost zero mana.

Interestingly, Kolento still chooses to use King's Elekk despite having multiple minions that are not only cheaper, but not a crucial part of your win condition. And this has become the topic of conversation since Thursday, is the King's Elekk limit holding the archetype back? Is it time to adjust the list such that you can actually run other minions which could make the deck stronger and certainly more consistent.

Card draw has long been a problem so many are turning to the likes of Bloodmage Thalnos, Azure Drake, and Harrison Jones now that the floodgates have been opened by Huntress. Others really just want to be greedy and run Savannah Highmane and are trying out a version of the archetype that tries to leverage the best of Hunter's class cards.

One thing is for certain though, come this Thursday an all new wave of deck exploration will begin with the release of Arcane Giant and later with The Curator. Yogg-N-Load has so many cheap spells that the added pressure of two discounted 8/8s could help really set the archetype apart. We've theorycrafted two variations utilizing cards from The Opera's arsenal and are anxious to give them a shot.