Now you can grow your Wild Hearthstone collection too.

We have some great news for Hearthstone fans who want to own every card in the game. Blizzard has added Wild sets like Blackrock Mountain, Curse of Naxxramas, and Goblins vs Gnomes to the Blizzard Shop. The cards are not marked down in any way, they cost just as much as they did when they first released, but the news will inevitably be well received by fans of the game.

Many have long complained about the inability to get old sets, particularly adventures because they contain single-player content and the cards that come with them are only part of what the expansion offers.

In addition, Blizzard has launched the previously announced card pack changes where it's no longer possible to get duplicate legendaries - at least until you own one copy of each from the set.

Update: Users are reporting that the guaranteed Legendary in the first ten packs is applying to all players across all sets. Blizzard's announcement stated that anyone who had opened a pack of a set before would not be eligible for this bonus, but Reddit users continue to test and are attempting to prove that this isn't the case.

We have successfully tested this with Journey to Un'Goro (7 packs in), Mean Streets of Gadgetzan (7 packs in), Whispers of the Old Gods (4 packs in), and Classic (7 packs in).

A Reddit user has opened 60 packs of four different sets and got three Legendaries in each of them.

This may have been hotfixed. Be careful if you're on a budget.


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Wild Sets and Card Pack Changes Now Live

In our previous blog, we mentioned that we wanted to improve your card pack opening experience by removing the possibility of opening a duplicate Legendary until you own all Legendary cards of a given set. We also touched on the other card pack improvement of never being able to open more than two copies of a single card in a single pack. Both changes were slated to go live with the official launch of Knights of the Frozen Throne in August.

We have some good news! All card pack changes that were mentioned in this blog are NOW LIVE! We decided to have this feature go live as soon as possible so you could continue to flesh out your collection before Knights of the Frozen Throne goes live.

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Wild sets are once again available to purchase in the Blizzard shop! Click the link below to see the Expansions and Adventures that are now a part of Wild.


Unsure about the differences between Wild and Standard Hearthstone sets? Check out our A Year of Mammoth Proportions blog for what you need to know about the 2017 Hearthstone Year and the sets available for play.

Share your craziest Wild experiences and Legendary card openings in the comments below!