August of last year we put together a version of Hybrid Hunter, an archetype that was rising in popularity back then, and combined with an old friend of the Hunter class: Undertaker. But then the Hunter class drastically worsened after League of Explorers and even more so after the Standard nerfs. And while our specific deck will never be viable in Standard again, it's still worth revisiting to see what improvements can be made with the latest cards from Old Gods.

It's no secret that Standard is more competitive than Wild. Just a week into July we've had issues breaking past Rank 15 and staying there in the former, but just one hour into our adventure with our new Old Gods version of Undertaker Hybrid Hunter and we've already crested Rank 13 in Wild. Fast forward through the weekend and we're already into the single digits, pushing upwards of Rank 8. Since we're only ten days into July it's not out of the question that this deck could feasibly take us all the way to Legend. We'll keep you updated on our progress.

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While Face Hunter no longer sees play thanks to the latest round of card nerfs, it's still very much possible to build a Hybrid Hunter in Wild. This deck sacrifices some of the more midrange minions like Stampeding Kodo and other 5-Cost minions to help increase early game consistency and aggression. Ideally you're pushing most of your early damage to your opponents face and giving yourself a chance to win around Turn 8.

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Here's the official change list:
Update 7/7/16:
Removed - 2x Arcane Golem, 2x Harvest Golem, Kezan Mystic
Added - 2x Fiery Bat, 2x Call of the Wild, Nerubian Prophet
  • Arcane Golem - An obvious removal due to the nerfs it received.
  • Kezan Mystic - Tentatively removed since Secret Paladin really hasn't posed us an issue.
  • Harvest Golem - A solid card, but it's just not good enough to make the cut anymore.
  • Fiery Bat - Added two of these. They have Deathrattle synergy, but also help us push aggro in the early stages.
  • Nerubian Prophet - Probably our most experimental inclusion. So far it seems to do very well if you draw it in your opening hand. Drawing it later isn't a huge drawback either since you usually have other options.
  • Call of the Wild - Very much a midrange card which we initially tried to avoid as a more aggressive deck, but once we started climbing the ranks it became abundantly clear that the number of control decks warranted two additional finishers.

Back to TopPlaying Minions Naked

Luckily the changes we've made to the deck make this much less of a problem. Houndmaster is pretty much the only minion you ever have to worry about playing alone without utilizing its effect. It certainly wouldn't be the end of the world if you needed to, but since this is a more aggressive deck you should never have to do this unless you've already managed to exhaust your hand.

Back to TopYour Hero Power

The Hunter hero power is incredibly good. Two damage to the face each turn is enough to offset any gain from the likes of Priests and Warriors and keeps pressure on each of the other classes. Consider too that you're always going to be limited in the number of cards at your disposal and its usually a smart move to start hero powering each and every turn somewhere between turns four and six. Spending all of your mana is very important, almost as crucial as not overcommitting on the board and losing too many resources to a board clear, and this helps with that as well.

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Since we're looking at a more aggressive deck with a total of six one drops, you really need to push hard to have a good curve.
  • Fiery Bat, Webspinner, Undertaker - Keep any of these in your opening hand. It's not the end of the world if you have to play another one drop on Turn 2.
  • Freezing Trap - Never keep, ideally we're cheating this out with Mad Scientist.
  • Keep any other two drops that aren't Quick Shot assuming you already have a one drop. If not, keep the best two drop and mulligan the rest.
  • Eaglehorn Bow - Somewhat depends on what class you're against, but in general we like to keep one of these.
  • Animal Companion - Usually a good keep. Wouldn't keep two however since we really need to curve out.
  • Nerubian Prophet - Ideally in your opening hand. A three mana 4/4 is pretty solid.

Back to TopPossible Cuts

If there's a specific card you want to add in but aren't sure what to cut, these three cards are probably the most flexible. We actually ended up cutting a second Harvest Golem and the Infested Wolf to make room for two Call of the Wilds. In the lower ranks (Rank 15-20) the extra aggro really helped propel us upwards, but the higher tiers of the ladder are full of control and the extra two finishers are invaluable.
  • Harvest Golem - We already ended up cutting both once we started getting higher on the Wild ladder. Just keep in mind that most of our deck is 3-Cost or lower since we're pushing a good amount of aggro.
  • Nerubian Prophet - Easily the most questionable inclusion. May be better off being another class card like Explosive Trap, but we've found it performs to our liking.
  • Infested Wolf - With our need for Call of the Wild to help with control decks, this one ended up getting the axe since it doesn't particularly help push either aggro or damage like the 8-Cost spell.

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  • Explosive Trap - If you're running into a ton of aggro it might not be a bad decision to run this.
  • Kezan Mystic - Could be good with the number of Secret Paladins, but we've found that having more cheap minions makes it so that we don't need to run Kezan to help cope with the tempo swing.
  • Hunter's Mark - Can help with those pesky Taunt minions.
  • Carrion Grub - If you're willing to sacrifice the Deathrattle synergy, not only is Carrion Grub tougher than Harvest Golem, but it's also a Beast for Houndmaster synergy.