I remember when I first started playing Hearthstone competitively I chose Shaman as the class that I liked the most. Over the span of a few months I managed to crack past Rank 15 and felt so very accomplished. It was a rough ride full of frustrating RNG, painful losses, and close wins. It wasn't until some time later that I discovered the joy that was Undertaker Hunter that I realized exactly how hamstrung I was simply by choosing the Shaman class. Despite three sets of new cards releasing since then, Shaman is still in a very bad spot at the bottom of the meta rankings. Only Priest, which recently got a competitive Dragon archetype is even somewhat close to the numbers that Thrall puts up month after month.

Looking back at it, as someone who's broken Rank 2 a few times, I remember the class fondly in a time where I wasn't worried what was in the meta or even knew what netdecking was. But here and now, with most now being more aware than ever what's good and what's terrible, Shaman struggles to make a case for itself.

In this week's video we take a look at exactly why this class isn't viable.