Lead Designer Ben Brode and Hearthstone Commentator Dan "Frodan" Chou are hosting a special Whispers of the Old Gods live stream today! Blizzard already announced card nerfs yesterday including Big Game Hunter and the Druid combo.

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12:52 We're seeing movement! The stream title just changed to the appropriate name.
12:56 Stream is starting soon!
1:00 And we're live!
1:01 There's a new challenge menu where you can select which game type!
1:04 Already new cards and a NEW EMOTE!
1:06 Lots of new cards! Check the gallery for details!
1:11 Frodan is struggling to get enough minions on the board. Lots of Ben Brode laughs.
1:13 Blade of C'Thun assassinates an enemy minion and adds it's stats to your C'Thun!
1:15 Bladed Cultist revealed, an interesting 1-Cost minion!
1:19 Brann Bronzebeard into Yogg-Saron and it backfired on Frodan! But it's back in his hand and ready for another go thanks to Shadowstep.
1:22 A 38/36 C'Thun finishes off Frodan.
1:21 Blizzard is giving special quests, a total of 13 free packs for winning games of Standard!
1:33 Pirate Warrior destroys Iksar's Druid!
1:36 Warrior and Druid legendaries revealed!
1:37 Since Druid legendary combines both Choose One effect, cards that morph into others have a new combined minion!
1:40 Moving on to Hunter vs. Warlock!
1:42 Warlock's Forbidden card summons tentacles!
1:46 Call of the Wild turns around the board for Frodan.
1:47 Frodan is now up 2-1 with one match left.
1:50 Annoy-o-Tron has been corrupted!
1:51 Mage vs. Shaman to end the stream, no Paladin today.
1:53 Cool anti-aggro card with Taunt gains health for each enemy minion on the board.
1:58 Frodan gets destroyed by a one mana Shaman spell that upgrades each of Iksar's minions into one that costs one mana more.
2:01 Iksar is saved by Hallazeal into Elemental Destruction!
2:06 Shaman looks to be very powerful, but Frodan is getting crazy Cabalist Tome value.
2:08 Mage legendary just got milled. We'll see it after the match.
2:11 Frodan goes 3-1 and the stream ends.

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