Whispers of the Old Gods is now live! Get to cracking those packs open before diving into the new Standard format!

Hearthhead was recently updated to support formats as well.

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Each card now displays the proper format. Alexstrasza here is now labeled as a Standard card, as you can see. We've also introduced a Format filter under the card database which functions the same way filtering by sets does.

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Decks have received a similar treatment. Each one has been automatically assigned the Wild or Standard format based on what cards were in the deck. While you can't filter by format, you can click on the table header to sort by it, which will help you find decks for the one you're looking for. You can also find this information displayed on the deck guide itself.

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And of course you can now filter by format in the deckbuilder. Note that we have set it to default to Standard, so if you're looking to add that Annoy-o-Tron to your list, you'll need to toggle this drop down first.


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Whispers of the Old Gods – Now Available in the Americas!

Whispers of the Old Gods is now available in the following regions:


Ancient Beings Awaken

The Old Gods have risen from their slumber to bring thrills, chills, and 134 squirmy new cards to delightfully corrupt your collection! Will you heed the call and obey the insidious Whispers of the Old Gods in the most spine-tingling Hearthstone expansion yet?

A Taste of Corruption

When the Old Gods whisper in your ear, you won’t be able to resist the temptation . . . to celebrate! While cultists perform their summoning rituals and herald the arrival of the ancient ones, you’ll be summoning a swarm of new minions and meddling with forbidden magic never before seen in the tavern.

You won’t be able to hide from the influence of the Old Gods! With the launch of the expansion, logging in to Hearthstone will reward you with three free packs of Whispers of the Old Gods, instantly!

Upon opening your first pack of Whispers of the Old Gods, you’ll be awarded with two copies of Beckoner of Evil, and the Legendary Old God, C’Thun!

In addition, two new one-time Quests are available to complete in succession: Winning two games in Standard mode will reward you with five packs of Whispers of the Old Gods!

After you win two games in Standard and complete that Quest, another one will immediately be added to your Quest Log to replace it: Win seven games in Standard mode and receive five more packs of Whispers of the Old Gods!

Note that you must have already gained the ability to do daily quests in order to receive the free Whispers of the Old Gods card pack rewards.

Twisted New Game Board

Not even the game board is safe from the Old Gods’ writhing tentacles! Stormwind has fallen to the influence of the ancient ones, so make sure to avoid poking the eyestalks that have grown on the buildings—they don’t seem to like that very much.

Year of the Kraken

Game formats have arrived! Whether you’re just getting started, or you’re a seasoned veteran, the new Standard format will help keep the game fresh, exciting, and accessible for years to come, while the Wild format will preserve everything you already know and love about Hearthstone!

For full details on Standard and Wild mode, check out our blog: A New Way to Play. For details on the cards that have been changed with the introduction of patch 5.0, go here.

See what cards await you in Whispers of the Old Gods on Hearthstone’s official Facebook page, and let us know which ones you’re most excited about by using the #OldGods hashtag!

Heed the whispers today!