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I don't want to play against this card. I don't want to play at all if this is a thing. brb throwing up
Why would they make this? This is only ok if the card is unplayable, which might not be the case. Horrible decision.
Already imaging the next 2 years of bullshit, the stat-line is solid on it and there are way more good than bad results from it
@LiquidSavjz For competetive it would be really bad agree.Can't see it being viable with the overprize and heavy RNG. Hopefully I'm right :(
@Frodan @LiquidSavjz I'm more worried about Faceless Summoner. Card is undercosted and you can insta lose when it drops Blademaster/Mukla.
@TempoReynad if @PlayHearthstone wants to make wacky high-variance cards, that's great. Why give them constructed playable stats and cost?
@TempoReynad What if there is no choice but to play this because it's the best 4 mana option on average? Did they learn nothing from gvg?
@Frodan It might suck but there is a fair chance it's playable with that statline. Harrison isn't terrible even if battlecry wasted
@Frodan I'm not mad the card exists, I'm mad at giving cards with rng good stats for mana
I really hope that the other not shown cards don't contain as much rng as some of the ones shown today..Like cmon we just got rid of gvg
No, I don't think the new mage cards are ridiculously good or something. Just exact opposite design wise as what I want the game to be 1/2
I don't mind cards like these existing, but I think the cards need hideous stat-lines to 100% only be for those who seek rng "fun" 2/2
@LiquidSavjz If it weren't for cards with random elements, Hearthstone wouldn't be nearly as popular as it is.

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We found it unusual that Blizzard isn't hosting a Hearthstone panel at the upcoming PAX East, but it looks like the development team will instead be hosting their own live stream just prior to the event on April 21. At 10 AM PST, Lead Designer Ben Brode and Dan "Frodan" Chou will be hosting a series of show matches and revealing even more cards from the Whispers of the Old Gods set.
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Hearthstone Live Stream: Whispers of the Old Gods

The Old Gods will soon begin their invasion of the tavern, and we’re compelled choosing of our own free will to show off more of the ominous (and super fun) cards they’ll be bringing with them!

Join Lead Designer Ben Brode and Hearthstone master caster Dan “Frodan” Chou on April 21 at 10AM PST for what promises to be a thrilling series of show matches against members of the Hearthstone design team. We’ll be unveiling a number of new cards from Whispers of the Old Gods, so you’ll want to be sure to attend!

Be sure to ‘follow’ the official Hearthstone Twitch channel to be notified when the stream begins. The Old Gods will be VERY DISAPPOINTED if you don’t make it!

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Make sure to check out our Whispers of the Old Gods guide for all the information you could want including frequently asked questions, details on pre-purchase bonuses, released golden art, and all of the revealed cards.