Update: We've got all 6 revealed cards in our database: Beckoner of Evil, Corrupted Healbot, C'Thun, Polluted Hoarder, Twilight Elder, Validated Doomsayer.

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  • The first Whispers of the Old Gods pack you buy is guaranteed to contain C'Thun and two Beckoner of Evils.
  • Everyone that plays during the launch period will receive three free packs.
  • C'Thun and his cultist friends will not appear in the Arena.
  • The card changes (nerfs) "will be around the same time as the expansion."
  • We're told there won't be any new Inspire minions, there are new dragons, but the set doesn't contain new keywords or races.

The latest Hearthstone expansion is being announced at 10:00 PST. The announcement section of the stream is over. We've liveblogged the entire announcement but there will be more cards revealed over the weekend during the Hearthstone Americas Winter Championship.

On Monday, the updated UI for the Standard and Wild formats will be added. In addition, you'll be granted 9 additional deck slots with this patch.

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Yong Woo and Ben Brode are the ones announcing the latest expansion, Whispers of the Old Gods.


You find can find out more information on Oldgods.com. If you missed the Cinematic Trailer, it's now on YouTube.

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In addition, the Hearthstone homepage has been updated to add some corrupted tentacles.


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Next, the team started revealing a few of the 134 cards that will be part of the expansion.

Some of these new cards are ones that have been corrupted by the Old Gods. For example, the Loot Hoarder when corrupted turns into Corrupted Hoarder. These cards are revealed below.


Some of the cards are cultists that will buff the Old God cards. For example, one of the Old Gods is C'Thun. The team said there are 16 cards that will buff C'Thun in one way or another.


There are going to be four old Gods in the expansion: C'Thun, N'Zoth, Yogg-Saron and Y'Shaarj.

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When Whisper of the Old Gods releases, you'll receive 3 free packs just for logging in. If that's not enough, your very first pack will give you C'Thun and his loyal servant Beckoner of Evil for free! You'll be able to pre-purchase 50 packs for $49.99 starting next week. You'll be unable to open it, but by pre-purchasing you'll unlock the C'Thun Animated Cardback.


If that's not enough, following the launch of the expansion, special new quests will be available that will reward Whispers of the Old Gods card packs. These quests will require players to play ranked games in Standard mode.

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Originally posted by Blizzard (View Original)Collapse

Ancient evils have woken from their ageless slumber! Beware their tentacled grasp as they spread mayhem amongst mortals in Hearthstone’s third expansion: Whispers of the Old Gods! 

Whispers in the Darkness
Legend has it, the Old Gods’ voices are dread whispers that no mere mortal can hope to resist. It is said that for millennia uncounted the massive Old Gods lay dreaming in ageless sleep deep beneath the surface of Azeroth. Maybe noisy taverns full of laughter, shouts of triumph, and clanking tankards are like a snooze alarm you can’t turn off, and this whole Old-Gods-waking-up thing is entirely our fault!

Whatever the cause, those nameless* tentacled terrors are finally rousing from their naps, and with their waking insidious corruption is seeping up from the stygian depths! Still, there’s no need to fear (mostly!). Civilization is safe (for now!). They haven’t come for the utter domination of all life on Azeroth (probably!).
Now that they’re awake (and they’ve had a chance to stretch their various appendages, rub the sleep out of their many, many eyes, and have a healthy breakfast), the Old Gods have decided to put their malignant might into mortal hands. . .  in the form of disgustingly potent Hearthstone cards!


The DOOM That Came to Decklists
Whispers of the Old Gods promises great power, and when cosmic entities from beyond space promise stuff, they definitely deliver: 134 noisome new cards will be available to add to your collection.

These are no ordinary cards! Steeped in the insidious influence of the Old Gods, unknown terrors will give your decks new and bizarre forms. You may even recognize some old friends that have succumbed to the seductive promise of Ancient Cosmic Power**!

CorruptedHeal_enUS_card_EK_183x226.gif PollutedHoarder_enUS_card_EK_183x226.gif ValidatedDoomsayer_enUS_card_EK_183x226.gif

The Old Gods
Four Legendary Old Gods cards will arrive with Whispers of the Old Gods, and they’re horribly eager to lend their eldritch might to your collection. C’Thun, Yogg-Saron, Y’Shaarj, and N’Zoth all stand (sit? squirm? writhe?) ready to unleash indescribable power upon your opponents.

C’Thun is especially tickled to lend you its aid: a Legendary C’Thun card and two Beckoner of Evil cards lie waiting to add the unutterable awesomeness of the Old Gods to your collection. Just open your first Old Gods card pack to collect these questionable new allies.


The Call of C’Thun
Of course, no ancient unknowable evil is complete without a dedicated host of capable cultists. C’Thun’s followers have been fanatically preparing the world for the Old God’s awakening, and when each cultist is played, they grant C’Thun a dose of additional power—whether the Old God is lurking in your deck, your hand, or on the field.


The Coming Pre-Purchase
Starting March 14, you’ll be able to pre-purchase a 50-pack bundle of Whispers of the Old Gods card packs for $49.99 prior to the Expansion’s official release. Your dedication will be rewarded with a terrifyingly terrific new card back as a pre-purchase bonus!


The Lurking Release
Whispers of the Old Gods will reach all mortal ears (and Windows ®, Mac®, iOS®, and Android® devices) by late April/early May, and card packs will be available through the in-game Shop for either gold or real money at the same price as previous, less-tentacled, Hearthstone card packs.

Whispers of the Old Gods cards will also spread their wickedness into the Arena on launch day, even if you haven’t yet braved adding them to your personal collection.


The Site from Beyond
Voyage to the official Whispers of the Old Gods site to delve deeper into this dark and twisted mystery! Return frequently and gaze upon new secrets of the Old Gods—including new cards—as they emerge from the shadows!

Be sure to visit www.oldgods.com on March 21 to be part of the effort to reveal more about Whispers of the Old Gods.

You’ll also find a gallery of revealed cards on the official Hearthstone Facebook page. And don’t neglect to give shout outs to the #OldGods on social media—the Old Gods love Twitter shout outs.

Crack open a forbidden grimoire, and put on your fanciest cultist robe: the coming of the Old Gods is at hand. Y'knath k'th'rygg k'yi mrr'ungha gr'mula!