Gadgetzan's legendaries haven't picked up much traction.

For a site like Hearthhead, each new set always brings with it a swarm of questions from our community. These range from what we think about specific cards to factual information. One that we always get immediately after release is, "What legendaries are worth crafting?" We typically like to hold off just in case we end up with a situation where everyone is playing a card like Malkorok only to have it slowly fade from relevance.

Now that we're a few weeks into Mean Streets of Gadgetzan, we're confident about picking a few select legendary minions that should be in your collection. Unfortunately, it's much shorter than usual.

Back to TopPatches the Pirate

Patches has taken Hearthstone by storm which makes sense considering he always comes darting out of your deck and onto the field. It's safe to say that the most aggressive decks will always be running our tentacled friend, especially considering the fact that Small-Time Buccaneer is a Neutral card. These two in combination alone have come to grace even the most midrange of decks that are just looking for a little more early game.

With that in mind, Patches is a tremendously safe craft if you're going to be playing anything but control.

Back to TopKazakus

Reno Jackson might not be long for this world as he will be rotating out of Standard come Spring 2017, but for now, Renolock is incredibly strong to the point that Zoolock has lost all relevance. It remains to be seen whether or not Reno style decks will still be a force once our favorite mustache this side of the Temple of Orsis is no longer around.

The good news is that Kazakus is exceptional unlike Inkmaster Solia and Raza the Chained who have seen mixed results since release.

All things considered, we think it's a good idea to craft this one.

Back to TopSituational

Believe it or not, those are the only two cards Hearthhead is comfortable recommending at the moment. The remaining cards, two of which we touch on below, are either not being played at all or only seeing action in one specific archetype.

Back to TopAya Blackpaw

Aya is great for the Jade Golem decks out there, particularly Druids, who really need every activate on the effect they can get. Her stats aren't fantastic, but she's mostly important so that you can get the Golems to a tipping point sooner than you could otherwise.

Back to TopKun the Forgotten King

Kun is an interesting card. He enables some incredible combos involving AvianaBrann Bronzebeard, and C'Thun that are competitive in the right hands but perhaps a bit inconsistent. It remains to be seen whether or not this kind of deck will continue to exist going forward, but it's certainly not the best deck at the moment. If this playstyle is something you're interested in, go for it, Kun is probably going to be a great Druid legendary throughout 2017 even if he's only a bit gimmicky at the moment.

Think something else is worth mentioning? Let us know in the comments below.