Many of Hearthstone's expansions have roots set in Azeroth. A fan made map shows exactly where we've visited thus far.

Ever wonder where exactly in the world of Azeroth you are when you're playing Hearthstone? World of Warcraft is vast and there are a ton of different locations the Blizzard team has utilized when coming up with adventures and expansions. Miinmeaux, a fan of the franchise has created a map showing roughly where each set takes place.

Notably, a large percentage of the locations are located in the southern half of Kalimdor.



1 - Ahn'qiraj, prison of C'Thun and home of his Silithids (WotOG) and home of the Anubisath (LoE)

2 - Uldum, home of the Tol'vir (JtU) and full of treasure (LoE)

3 - Un'goro Crater, home of many dinosaurs and playground of the titans (JtU)

4 - Gadgetzan, a commerce hub for goblins and the people they deal with (MSoG)


Hearthstone Eastern Kingdoms Map


5-  Karazhan, former home of Medivh, the Guardian (Kara)

6 - Blackrock Mountain, base of operations for Nefarian and all of the dragons and orcs who follow him (BrM)


Hearthstone Northrend Map


7 - Argent Tournament Grounds (TGT) (Bonus: while not a TGT card, Lord Jaraxxus comes from here)

8 - Ulduar, titan facility and prison of Yogg-Saron, Hope's End (WotOG) (Bonus: not a WotOG card, but the titan keeper Mimiron resides here)

9 - Naxxramas, foul necropolis of the Scourge (Naxx)


Hearthstone Pandaria Map

10 - The Dread Wastes, home of the mantids, fervent worshipers of Y'Shaarj, Rage Unbound (WotOG) 1

1 - Prison of the heart of Y'shaarj, the one fallen Old God (WotOG)