A gathering of pro player and streamer reviews for Un'Goro.

The debut of Hearthstone's Journey to Un'Goro is just a few days away. We expect a patch to land tomorrow that will give us our first glance as to what Blizzard has in store for us with the set itself becoming available on Thursday. This gives us some time to step back and see what others have to say about the 135 cards that will be joining the collectible card game.

We've gathered some of the biggest names in Hearthstone including Kripp, Trump, Kibler, Hafu, and more all in one convenient location for you.


As a former card game designer, we highly value Kibler's opinions on unreleased Hearthstone cards. He'll not only tell you what's good and bad, but whether or not its design is good or healthy for Hearthstone as a whole.




Kripp plays a good mixture of constructed and arena, but most know him for his arena play, so keep that in mind when watching these. Good if you like a tinge of salt in your card reviews.



 Hafu - Arena

One of the best Arena players in the world, Hafu offers her thoughts on the cards from an arena perspective which is vastly different than normal.


The Caster Crew (Admirable, Sottle, & Raven)

Not only are these three high ranking players, but they also cast the game for a living. This gives them a unique combination of valuing cards for both actual play and how good they are for the competitive scene.


What can we say about Trump? He's serious at times and completely silly during others.