If there's anything that we've learned from this weekend's Hearthstone World Championship action, it's that the meta has certainly slowed down a bit since the nerf of Warsong Commander. The most played decks graphic we made after Day Two perfectly illustrates this as Midrange Druid very clearly dominates the field.

A large part of this is the fact that there's no longer a huge rush to take down Grim Patron Warrior before it gets enough tools to burst you down in one turn. That isn't to say the deck has gone away completely, but it's certainly not as dominant as it used to be.

Control however is still struggling to gain solid traction. In this week's video we try to figure out exactly why.

Want more of those stats? They're available in each of our HWC 2015 recaps.

At the same time on the opposite side of the globe, PAX Australia was going on and as always the Cookie Brigade was on hand to raise money for Child's Play. The Australian crew, which raised $14,300 this year, had some special Hearthstone themed cookies that we thought were awesome! Apparently some folks at Blizzard did too...

Folks attending #PAXAus2015 tomorrow - keep an eye out for the @cookie_brigade and my @PlayHearthstone cookies!

@ywoo_dev I just arrived in LA with 2 of these cookies to give to @bdbrode - maybe he will be nice and share? :-D
@healiocentric @bdbrode he better. If he wants to live. I sit next to him. There is no escape!!!