It's been a few months since we last brought up the Japanese Hearthstone leaks that surfaced in November of last year. And while we've continued to see card after card come true, lets take a look at what remains possibly could have released with Whispers of the Old Gods and what could potentially remain as a result.

For those skeptical, with League of Explorers they were confirmed as legitimate given the following cards which were all named (or close to named) in the original document:

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We've since been treated to the leaked Lady Liadrin and Khadgar, the latter of which most had pegged for a card release.

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Here are a few cards that were likely released in Whispers of the Old Gods, but we haven't yet been able to confirm this.

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  • Captain Scaleblade - We'll probably never see Scaleblade itself released, Brode has said it was cut from GvG due to power levels and has openly discussed it potentially returning on a different card now that Standard is here.
  • Dark Iron Weaponsmith - Male voice, same as Flame Juggler. Only real possibility in Old Gods is Crazed Worshipper.
  • Blackrock Summoner - Female voice, same as Fjola Lightbane. Only real possibility in Old Gods is Twilight Geomancer.
  • Bloodaxe Ritualist - Male voice, same as Emperor Thaurissan.
  • Bloodsail Swashbuckler - Normally we'd think this was Bloodsail Cultist, but the Japanese logs have it voiced by the same male as Prophet Velen.
If you have more experience with Japanese, particularly with finding out whether or not these cards do indeed match up, let us know! We'll keep you updated if any detectives manage to confirm any releases.