Kripp finally pressed the mythical button!

After a few years, popular streamer Kripparrian has finally hit the disenchant button on his Hearthstone collection. For more than three years he has kept all of his duplicates in hopes that Blizzard would eventually make a balance change to every card at some point causing them to disenchant for their full crafting cost. In his eyes, only was it safe to dust a card in hopes of getting the full value from his collection.

He's always said that if he was able to hit the button and then complete a golden Hearthstone collection in one go, he would. However, with Blizzard's switch to three expansions per year, rather than alternating between expansions and adventures, Kripp has decided that it's pretty much impossible for this to ever happen. This is despite the fact that he purchases upwards of $1,000 of packs with each set release.

So what happened when Kripp finally hit the button? Here it is on video.



Kripp hit the button only to have the game do nothing. It didn't freeze, everything else was still fully working. Shortly after it crashed. Upon restarting the game the disenchanting was complete and Kripp was awarded with 660,000 arcane dust.