No worries, it will be returning soon.

Over the holiday break, many were hoping for the return of the Gift Exchange Tavern Brawl and with it, a chance to earn the elusive Winter Veil Wreath card back. However, the Wednesday before Christmas we received the debut of The Battle for Gadgetzan, a matchup between the three family leaders. This left many assuming it would have to come back after Christmas, but instead there was a Standard version of Clockwork Card Dealer. All of this despite the fact that some users got emails stating that the brawl would be returning. So what happened to it?

Valgrimasz responded to a thread on Reddit with a statement from the team.

Winter greetings,

Some of you have received an email from us at Blizzard announcing the return of the Gift Exchange Tavern Brawl, and the associated Winter Veil card back reward.

Unfortunately, we ran into an operational challenge that prevented us from getting that Brawl out during the holiday break.

We would like to apologize to those of you who have been looking forward to playing Gift Exchange, and get the card back reward. We are working on a plan to make it available in the new year.

Thank you for your patience and understanding, and have a wonderful Winterveil everyone!

The Hearthstone team


Sounds like it's going to be a busy few months for the Hearthstone team which is undoubtedly returning from the holiday break with a ton of work to do. Not only do they have a new set to work on, which should mark the first time ever Blizzard has released back to back expansions for Hearthstone, but they've also announced a special Diablo themed Tavern Brawl.