The best new cards according to The Lightforge.

As with every Hearthstone expansion, there's a ton of attention being paid to how the meta is taking shape. It's full of Pirates as you're probably aware and that has many calling for change already. But equally important for a significant percentage of players is how Arena balance has shifted in the tracks of Mean Streets of Gadgetzan.

ADWCTA and Merps are two of the most well known Arena players and streamers out there. They were a big driving force behind the popular HearthArena before a less than amicable split and now focus their efforts on their own tier list called The Lightforge. There every single card in the Arena is rated between one and 100 with scores adjusted depending on what class you're piloting, what synergies emerge over time, and how players are approaching the game itself.

The vast majority of cards in the Arena are Common or Rare, so we'll only be taking a look at those today, but do note that the tier score isn't the only important factor when making your draft selections. You can have one of the best cards in the game right at your fingertips, but it could possibly be better to fill out your curve. We, nor The Lightforge, can account for this. These are simply the best new Gadgetzan cards.

Keep in mind that this list continues to shift as the duo gets more and more data on the latest set. December 14 marks the last announced changes.


Consider us surprised (and a bit proud) that Bomb Squad has ended up tied as the best Neutral card from Mean Streets of Gadgetzan. The only other big surprise here might be Friendly Bartender who seems like a decent body with many thinking the heal to be largely irrelevant, guess that's not actually the case!

North Sea Kraken remains the highest rated Neutral card at 66/100.

  Card Tier Score
1 Bomb Squad 59
2 Hired Gun 59
3 Friendly Bartender 58
4 Mistress of Mixtures 57
5 Toxic Sewer Ooze 57



While it may now be one of the weakest classes in the Arena, Druid actually had a pretty average set as far as Arena strength goes. No, it didn't get anything too powerful, but it did get a trio of cards that were at least average or higher.

The greatest Druid cards remain Savage CombatantSwipe, and Living Roots at 79, 78, and 74, respectively.

  Card Tier Score
1 Mark of the Lotus 58
2 Lotus Agents 56
3 Celestial Dreamer 55



Despite how poorly the expansion has gone for Hunter in constructed, it's actually done quite well for itself on the Arena front. Its strongest three cards, while not incredible, are certainly above average compared to some of the other classes. Despite this, however, it doesn't move very much in the class tier list which you can find at the end of the post.

These all fall under the "Good" category with the "Great" remaining filled by older cards such as Glaivezooka.

  Card Tier Score
1 Alleycat 65
2 Dispatch Kodo 64
3 Trogg Beastrager 62



Mage has always been perceived as the strongest Arena class and it's understandable then why Blizzard wouldn't release significantly powerful cards. Both minions on this list are actually tri-class cards and available to both Priest and Warlock as well.

  Card Tier Score
1 Kabal Courier 56
2 Volcanic Potion 53
3 Kabal Chemist 47



Most players knew Grimestreet Protector would be strong and it certainly is. This is especially true in the Arena where you can get away with larger and slower minions that can get even higher value when given Divine Shield.

  Card Tier Score
1 Grimestreet Protector 67
2 Grimestreet Informant 59
3 Smuggler's Run 56



Wow. Priest has some seriously strong cards. Potion of Madness is nuts in how it can slow the opponent down in the early game or even steal active Deathrattles. The Lightforge notes that more than one copy significantly drops in value as it soon becomes a liability in the late game, however.

It's worth noting that two of these three cards now sit atop the Priest class, overtaking Shadow Word: Death and North Sea Kraken.

  Card Tier Score
1 Potion of Madness 80*
2 Kabal Talonpriest 74
3 Drakonid Operative 63



Many laughed at the power of Rogue's Gadgetzan cards when it came to constructed. Well, it turns out that it didn't need any more weapons to make Miracle Rogue stronger than it already is. It hasn't done too bad for itself in the Arena however, still among the top half of classes.

  Card Tier Score
1 Jade Shuriken 69
2 Lotus Agents 56
3 Gadgetzan Ferryman 53



Cheap weapons will almost always be good for the weapon classes and Jade Claws is no exception. Thanks to two of its cards, Shaman is one of the few classes that can really lean into its Gadgetzan family theme.

With the addition of Jade Claws , Shaman becomes tied with Warrior for the highest number of cards above 71 tier score. Despite this, both of them remain towards the bottom of the heap in strength.

  Card Tier Score
1 Jade Claws 79
2 Jade Lightning 69
3 Jinyu Waterspeaker 59



Board clears remain at a premium, especially with the continuing influx of cards diluting the card pool. So it's no surprise then that the two cards with AoEs top Warlock's tier list.

  Card Tier Score
1 Abyssal Enforcer 68
2 Felfire Potion 60
3 Crystalweaver 58



Warrior didn't do terribly with Gadgetzan, but sadly it remains altogether too slow to be a big factor in the Arena.

  Card Tier Score
1 Grimestreet Pawnbroker 66
2 Grimestreet Informant 59
3 Alley Armorsmith 53


Class Tier List

So what are the best classes right now? According to ADWCTA and Merps:

Tier Classes
1 Mage, Warlock, Priest
2 Rogue
3 Paladin
4 Shaman
5 Hunter, Warrior, Druid


For more information and help drafting, head on over to The Lightforge.