JR is back! And your hosts celebrate with the return of PvP, a segment where JR and Kevin duke it out and try to convince John they're correct.

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  • Kripparrian achieved 100 wins in nine arena runs! He didn't technically follow the rules of the 100-in-10 challenge, but it's impressive nonetheless!
  • Kevin hopes there's more in store for Arena. Standard really helped Constructed and thinks Blizzard could do something like that for Arena.
  • There's a bunch of meta discussion with an examination of Tempo Storm and Vicious Syndicate's meta reports.
  • Want to check out the PvP segment? It starts around 48 minutes.

In Episode 63, the news has slowed down but that doesn’t mean we don’t have a full show! The Hearthstone team is hiring and Kripparrian does the 100 in 10 challenge in only 9 rounds (kind of)!

In the meta this week, the guys discuss Tempo Storm’s Meta Snapshot as well as Vicious Syndicate’s Data Reaper Report #2!

Lastly, PvP is back! This week, JR and Kevin go head to head in a Hearthstone battle of knowledge and wits! The topics this week:
  • The Classic card most likely to see a nerf post-Standard.
  • The most effective tribe in Standard.
  • The most surprising card of Wrath of the Old Gods.
Find out who wins, and check out our Twitter throughout the week to cast your vote on who you think won this week!

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