The podcast was one day late this week as the crew took Mother's Day off for both you and themselves, but they return to a much more solidified meta now that the first Meta Snapshot has released.

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  • After talking about their last week in Hearthstone, the crew kicks things off by talking about our very own Firebat interview.
  • A Reddit user broke down how relevant each set currently is based off of Tempo Storm's first post-Old Gods release Meta Snapshot.
  • They then talk about the Meta Snapshot itself and whether or not they agree with it.
  • Emails! So many listener emails. If you've sent one in recently, now's the time to see if it was answered!

In this week's episode, we had a TON of listener emails to get through! But first, the guys break down Dreamhack Austin, chat about Firebat's response to Standard in an interview with Hearthhead, and take a look at card representation in top tier decks by set. With a new expansion means a new meta! The Well Met! crew dives into the Tempo Storm Meta Snapshot and what you should expect to see on ladder and what to play this next week!

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