With two-thirds of the usual cast missing, John is all alone with three very special guests this week: Jocelyn of The Angry Chicken Podcast, Tannon Grace of New Order Esports, and Rayc591 of Vicious Syndicate!

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In this very special episode of Well Met!, Kevin and JR are gone and John finds some amazing guests to fill in! Jocelyn Moffett, Tannon Grace (New Order Esports), and Rayc591 (Vicious Syndicate) graciously sit in for a jam-packed show!

With April Fools Day happening recently, the Hearthstone team decided to have a little fun of their own! The crew discusses their favorites before they jump into their Whispers of the Old Gods card review (Spoiler List).

Lastly, with this season being the last (presumably) before Standard hits, Jocelyn & John pick Ray and Tannon's brains about what it takes to be a truly competitive Hearthstone player!

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