Former assistant community manager, Robert Wing joins the Well Met crew to discuss the latest in Hearthstone and talk about the esports scene, its casting, and the community.

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  • Robert thinks Hearthstone casting has improved a lot over the last year and believes there should be a marriage between highlighting the action and lighthearted silliness/banter.
  • In his opinion the biggest improvement to HCT has been the switch to 100% open tournaments, even though it can result in relatively unheard of players making up a lot of the field.
  • He also mentions how it's hard to get everything right since "no digital card game has ever gotten to this point before."

Apologies for the beginning of the video - we forgot to turn the preshow music off. It is resolved after the first few minutes.

This week on Well Met!:
  • We are joined by Assistant Community Manager Robert Wing (@RobertAWing) to share his insights about HCT, casting, and the Hearthstone community.
  • We discuss the GosuAwards Summer Nominations.
  • Frodan wrote a piece on The Current State of Hearthstone Casting & Why It’s Sorely Lacking. With Robert being one of the most active casters at HCT, we ask him to weigh in with his thoughts on the article.
  • BM in Hearthstone just got turned up to 11! With the most recent patch, Morgl the Oracle has been added to the game as a recruit-a-friend award. You can get this cool new hero when your first recruit achieves 20 combines levels across all classes!
  • In the meta this week, the guys take a deep dive into the vS Data Reaper Report as a new deck has secured the number 1 spot: Yogg Druid.
  • Finally, we interview Robert about how he got to his community management role, advice he might have, thoughts on HCT, Hearthstone, and it’s community.
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