Welcome to the new Hearthhead, champion.

And we're live! Hearthhead's latest coat of paint is actually much deeper than that. Our staff has been hard at work for most of 2016 to bring you an all new website built from the ground up with speed, functionality, and your user experience in mind.

We're the first to admit that there may be some missing features you've become accustomed to, but we are continuing our efforts to not only bring things such as the Collection Manager back and have them return even better than they were before. Hopefully the much-improved deckbuilder, quick filtering card and deck databases, and modern layout proves to you that we're serious about getting things right. We've already updated a considerable number of things based on user feedback from the initial beta including tooltip support on all icons, narrowing the results field to reduce the need for scrolling, and quick jump support on the home page.

There are a few different areas of the site we'd like to discuss with you including Russian localization, browser support, and much more.


Alongside our wave of ten all new guides, we've migrated over every single one from the old Hearthhead. We now use Markdown, rather than BBCode, so some manual updates were necessary on top of creating and assigning featured images and thumbnails for each of them. We did this not only for our own official guides but for all user submissions as well! While we still haven't re-enabled user submission or editing, they're all looking top notch now and we hope you're excited to either bring your guides up to date or offer all new information to the Hearthhead community.

It's worth noting that because of this all guides will display as up to date for One Night In Karazhan, this was unavoidable, unfortunately, but going forward you'll be able to get an accurate picture of when the guide was last touched up and have more than just a random date to go off of.

We'll also be bringing over all of the stats associated with your guides including views and likes (upvotes) in the very near future.

Deck Database

You may notice our deck tiles now show information such as views, likes, and a trending score. Since we just recently completed importing them from the old site and did not take a specific time period into account the trending score is currently based on all-time statistics. This is not what we intend for the filter. We are going to change it to prioritize decks from a smaller time window and effectively correct the data. Then once enough time has passed on the new site, about a week or so, we'll begin incorporating live stats into the trending score so that the best decks begin bubbling to the top. For now, we ask that you send us your feedback, let us know what ends up being useful and what could be improved upon.


As we mentioned earlier, there has been a slew of improvements made based on your comments. One of the largest pieces of feedback we got was about how much people hate scrolling. We do too. You can see this in our deck and card databases where we've opted for a horizontally paginated approach rather than vertical scrolling like on the old site. That said, there were still many of you who thought we were close, but not quite there. We've removed the third row from both decks and cards so you can now comfortably fit the filters and results on the same page without having to move your screen every time you change your parameters. In addition, the front page now sports some quick hotlinks that will skip you down to the deck filter or news section. So if you know exactly what you're looking for you can get there quite easily.

We understand that some users weren't able to easily judge what our custom class icons meant so we've added tooltips to everything that doesn't sport official Hearthstone art. This is just one example of the many quality of life changes we've decided to make.

There are of course multiple other improvements already planned that should enhance your experience on Hearthhead and we can't wait to get them into your hands.

Browser Support

Hearthhead was designed with Chrome in mind. It will work on other browsers, but you may notice some wonkiness here or there as a result. For an optimal experience, use Chrome.

We're going to keep working on optimizing Hearthhead across all browsers to cover as much of our community as possible. We just wanted to recognize the fact that there are indeed known issues with Firefox, Safari, etc., but we're working on getting them addressed.

Russian Support

Building a new site isn't easy and localizing a site at launch is even harder. With the number of Russian users we have, it's not easy accepting the fact that we aren't able to support the language at the launch of this complete overhaul. We've put in some extra effort to bring over as much as possible including all the decks and comments so you aren't losing any content. But for the time being, we acknowledge that things might be a bit suboptimal for you.

We value you, a huge portion of our community, and are working towards Russian localization so you can continue to spend your time uploading decks and creating guides with us using your own language. The old Hearthhead site (old.hearthhead.com), which is still localized, will remain available for the next few weeks so you can continue to browse our databases there.

We hope you'll continue to support us while we work towards making this a reality!

Создание нового сайта — дело непростое. Еще сложнее представить полностью локализованный сайт при запуске. Однако, несмотря на большое количество русскоязычных пользователей, мы вынуждены сообщить о том, что мы не сможем представить должного уровня поддержки русского языка на старте. Мы приложили немалые усилия, чтобы привести в порядок как можно больше вещей, включая все колоды и комментарии, но до поры до времени вы можете столкнуться с некоторыми неудобствами.

Мы ценим вас, огромную часть нашего сообщества, и усердно работаем над локализацией, чтобы вы и дальше могли работать над созданием новых колод и гайдов на русском языке. Некоторое время останется доступным старый локализованный сайт Hearthhead (old.hearthhead.com), которым все еще можно пользоваться для поиска необходимой информации.

Мы надеемся на вашу поддержку. В свою очередь, мы продолжим усердно работать, чтобы воплотить эту цель в жизнь!

Tooltip Support

We're happy to announce that tooltip support will continue to work even after the old Hearthhead site is taken down! There are so, so many community sites out there relying on us for their tooltips and we didn't want to disappoint your or your very own communities.

We're aware that there are a few issues, primarily with the new Karazhan cards, and these bugs will persist for the time being, but the Hearthhead team is committed to migrating the service over to the new Hearthhead at some point in the future. When we do, it'll return with all the same functionality and the latest content.

What About My Profile?

When migrating content over from the old Hearthhead, we've taken every measure possible to ensure nothing was lost. This means all the reputation you've gained, the decks you've created, and the achievements you've unlocked have all been stored. Everything that's relevant will either be brought back to Hearthhead or repurposed in the future. For now, you can find all the decks you've made by going to the deck database page and checking the "Decks I Own" box. 

Full fledged profile pages are something we're currently looking to address.


You may notice that we've changed how comments work. The old Hearthhead was overloaded with nested quotes and they honestly were so hard to decipher sometimes that they were essentially useless. We've decided to change to a single threaded comment system whereas anyone who replies to the original commenter appears in chronological order below it. 

Of course, we'll be making improvements to the comment system as time goes on. While ratings have not been enabled yet, soon you'll be able to upvote and downvote these to help good discussions rise to the top while relegating spam or off topic comments below. We've also made sure to store previous ratings so your comments will naturally reset similar to their previous positions. Users will also be able to assign themselves an avatar to identify themselves in the community.

As you read this, we're working on getting all comments from the old site migrated over so you can continue your conversations like nothing ever changed. More importantly, so all of the dedicated users posting about lore on card posts or helping others in deck guides don't lose all that effort!

Old Hearthhead

As we said in the Russian Support section, the old Hearthhead website will remain available in read-only mode for a few weeks. There you'll be able to make comparisons as to how things have changed, browse the minor database which hasn't been migrated over yet and use our localization. To visit it just head on over to old.hearthhead.com!

Wowhead Patrons

Hearthhead has always been the second half of the Wowhead Patron service and you'll soon be returned to your no ad experience. We're hoping to have your status on the website restored as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience!

More Information

If you still have questions, we released a series of posts back when the site first went into beta detailing each section of the site and discussing our changes. Note that the articles haven't been updated since then so some things may have changed.


If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, we'll be around throughout the day to address them in the comments below or over on Discord. Now feel free to explore!