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Update: Community Manager Zeriyah has confirmed that this week's Tavern Brawl is supposed to be Too Many Portals and is being looked into.

@CM_Zeriyah Is this week's brawl supposed to be Unstable portals or is it Webspinners? it says portals on the screen and loads spinners :)
.@grumpypuppyhs Tavern Brawl should be Portals this week, we're looking into it.

Update: The problem has been fixed and Too Many Portals is live!

Too Many Portals! is now live in the Americas and Europe! #Hearthstone

This week's Tavern Brawl's title is Too Many Portals but the deck consists of many Webspinners instead of Unstable Portals. Either way, hopefully you get good RNG!

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This week, The Angry Chicken Podcast is joined by special guest Amaz to talk about the ATLC Tournament! Find out what happened on Saturday during the Nihilum versus Value Town game, look forward to the next ATLC and more!

On The Angry Chicken #103 Amaz joins the crew at the top of the show to talk about the ATLC Finals! TAC got the full scoop as to why the stream went down, what it's like to run such a big tournament, what to look forward to from the next ATLC, Kripp's eating habbits and more! Garrett, Jocelyn and Dills also dove into Dragon Priest, a crazy game story, and your emails.

Thank you all for your support of the show. It has been an insane ride so far for the three of us. We're looking forward to many more shows, and many more celebrations of all things Hearthstone.

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