Hey all! The Hearthstone community is a bustling place and we thought it's about time that we got around to highlighting its biggest happenings each and every week. We might not be fireside, but that doesn't mean we can't have our own kind of gatherings. From other ways to get your Hearthstone kick to particularly flashy plays or maybe we just want to highlight some of the best content around. All of it will be right here on the front page ready for your immediate consumption, saving you time from searching for it yourself. So let's get started!


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Back to TopGrand Tournament Card Origins

Our sister site, Wowhead, wrote up an awesome Argent Tournament spotlight that gives you a look at the origins of every single Grand Tournament card. It's particularly interesting if you're like myself and have never roamed Azeroth.
Many of you are probably playing the Grand Tournament this week in Hearthstone, so we're taking a closer look at the Argent Tournament which inspired all of the new cards. A few weeks ago, we covered the Argent Tournament Rewards, but this post primarily looks at the specific references to each card--the Trial of the Crusader raid, jousting, dailies, and more.

If you're not playing Hearthstone, this can be a fun nostalgia trip--or perhaps you'll learn something new if you've started playing after Wrath of the Lich King!

Back to Top10% Discount Code for Gear Shop

Speaking of Wowhead, we've also partnered with Blizzard for 10% off your next Blizzard Gear Shop purchase. We recently highlighted some of the new additions to the store including two new shirts, a box journal, and a Hearthstone themed scarf.

You can get a preview of some of this merch in this week's episode of Wowhead Weekly!

Check the Wowhead post for the discount code!

Back to TopKripparrian Becomes Legend-arrian

Believe it or not, TSM's Kripparrian had never made Legend prior to this week. Despite being one of the most popular streamers of Hearthstone and having been playing since before beta, he's just never found grinding ladder fun enough. With the release of The Grand Tournament however, Kripp suddenly found a good amount of enjoyment out of playing with some of the new TGT cards and against a larger pool of decks. Low and behold, after a nine game win streak he found himself on the cusp of Legend. After a couple of back and forth matches he finally makes it. Check out his reaction and catch the final match in the video below.

Back to TopKripp Gets TGT'd

Speaking of Kripp, one of his fans uploaded this hilarious video of Kripp trying to climb the ladder. The salt (and RNG) is real.

Back to TopStrifecro's Dragon Mage Gets Revenge

There's noticeably less Grim Patron Warrior on the ladder since TGT released as folks try new decks. Strifecro took the route of Kibler and started running a Dragon Mage deck. Something amazing happens when he encounters a Patron Warrior. Check it out.

Back to TopValue Town Returns

Even those who have been around the Hearthstone community for more than a year may never have heard of Value Town. Outside of Trump's mantra of Mayor of Value Town, it's also a video podcast that was retired in August of last year. Fans of the show were pleased when host ChanManV announced that it will be returning next Wednesday on September 2. A special four man format will kick off the relaunch including Trump, Reynad, and Brian Kibler.
Value Town #40 w/ ChanManV, Trump, Reynad, and Brian Kibler on 09/02 1pm PST

Date/Time: 09/02/15 @ 1pm PST

Where: http://twitch.tv/chanmanv

Card, Deck, and Meta Talk!!
That's it for this week folks! If you find something you think should be included next time, link it to us in the comments