It's been a long time since Blizzard has changed any released cards in Hearthstone. Way back in January when Undertaker was the definition of anti-fun, the developer finally decided enough was enough and brought it down a peg. The interesting thing about Warsong Commander is that it was actually fine until a bug fix was released that finally allowed it to perform as intended, granting charge to minions that were spawned through on board effects. Previously it had only worked with those that you cast from your hand. For that reason only your first Grim Patron would be given Charge and as a result Grim Patron Warrior was a much weaker deck overall. But we all know what happened once this was set in motion: the deck rose to the top of competitive play and never really wavered.

How will this have an impact on the meta? What will we see replace it? Is this truly the end of Grim Patron Warrior? All this and more is discussed in this week's video.