The meta shifts as December comes to a close.

The latest Vicious Syndicate Data Reaper Report has just gone live and we can see some of the trends the Hearthstone meta has taken over the last week. In short, Miracle Rogue is on the rise and as a result, Renolock has started to drop off drastically with Reno Mage taking its place thanks to anti-burst cards like Ice Block.

An analysis was conducted on games from December 28 through January 3 which included about 92,000 games worth of data.

Across all ranks these were the most popular classes and archetypes:

Rank Class   Rank Archetype
1 Shaman   1 Aggro Shaman - 13.24%
2 Warrior   2 Pirate Warrior - 11.94%
3 Rogue   3 Miracle Rogue - 11.17%


As we previously mentioned, however, by far the most interesting information is about class representation. With December coming to a close, naturally, players turned to whatever decks had the highest win rates, putting aside personal favorites to play whatever gives them the best chance of a good finish. In doing so we saw a rise in Shaman and Warrior, but also saw Warlock fall off a cliff while Mage quickly ascends. The former went from 13% representation, about the same as Rogue, all the way down to 10% just below the likes of Priest at the moment. Mage on the other hand, which Vicious Syndicate previously indicated was likely stronger than many were giving it credit for has grown at an astounding rate. It now sits at 9.62% and is making a clear run at being one of the top four classes next week. As it stands, it's currently sixth.

With many optimizing for win-rate, the different metas between standard ladder and Legend has closed up significantly as both are effectively represented by the above table.

For now, VS has Reno Mage pegged as the "2nd best deck in the game in the current Meta." Time will tell if it has the staying power to help the class out of the doldrums.