Has an average Hearthstone game actually gotten shorter?

Vicious Syndicate has released an updated look at how game length has evolved over time during the Mean Streets of Gadgetzan meta. The last report was released in June of 2016 which found the meta to have sped up following the release of Whispers of the Old Gods. Based on the new information, we can see that slowed down after One Night in Karazhan but as many would probably guess, has really accelerated over the last few months.

A few weeks after Karazhan came out, everyone noticed a decidedly slower meta with many games reaching at least ten turns if not more. This often desired control meta ended up driving many players up a wall as it only served to hurt the amount of time it takes to climb the Ranked ladder. But VS's data shows that games were actually only about thirty seconds and about half a turn longer than before.

How have things fared since Gadgetzan came out in December?

At first, the meta became faster than ever, at least since Vicious Syndicate started tracking data back in May of 2016. Games were just barely over nine turns long, much shorter than the average of 9.75 they had been before. This situation was likely exaggerated by the fact that games were now about thirty seconds shorter than average, in stark contrast to the slower meta many had just gotten used to.

Fortunately, this slowed down as players began to find out what was actually the strongest and stopped relying on pure aggression to climb while many experimented.

The website is quick to note that this data isn't 100% condemning, however, stating that despite having "limited data regarding the LOE Meta" they're ready to "confidently say that it was faster than any period post-rotation." At that point, "the average game duration was 410 seconds and the average turn per game was 9.02."

Perhaps one of the most interesting tidbits of information comes from an all new Average Wins/Losses Duration chart which shows how long an average win and loss takes for each archetype.

Reddit user Shakespeare257 explains it best, "So Aggro decks being faster allows them to lose 5-7% more games than their counters to climb at the same pace."

It's an interesting discovery, albeit one that is only as good as the data ViciousSyndicate has gathered. It's worth keeping in mind that their data set is relatively limited compared to the massive number of Hearthstone players and naturally their userbase skewes more towards a more hardcore fanbase that uses deck trackers like Track-o-Bot.