Remember back at Naxxramas release when there were some problems with purchasing Naxxramas wings? That problem has been ongoing for some players, but Blizzard has an update now, and they're even crediting accounts with a whopping 40 packs and 700 gold in addition to refunding their purchase! Other users have reported as much as 1500 gold.

Here's Bilzzard's update on the issues:
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Hey all,

Our development team has continuously been hard at work at investigating issues surrounding the Naxxramas launch that result in the in-game Shop being closed and other purchasing issues. In the course of this ongoing investigation, we have been able to steadily resolve issues over time, but we recognize not everyone is back to a working state yet. It’s past time for an update.

First, some good news. We recently applied a fix for many of those who have been affected by this issue. Emails with additional information will be sent to those affected by this fix.

With the release of the Goblins vs. Gnomes patch, we will also be rolling out fixes that will re-open the Shop for those who remain affected. Upon logging in once the upcoming Gobins vs Gnomes patch is applied, Shop access will be made available to this group of players.

Additionally, our engineers are continuing to work on improvements to our payment system to make sure that our players have a reliable experience when purchasing Hearthstone products. This is a top priority for our team and we are committed to continuously improving our services.

We recognize that having a closed Shop is unacceptable for even a short time, and we know that some of you have been in this stuck state for a very long while. We can do better, we will do better, and we apologize deeply for the long wait as we've worked to resolve these issues. We are close to resolving this for everyone and will be aggressively monitoring purchases to ensure that these issues will not occur again in the future.


We are investigating and working on a known issue that is locking characters into the "Shop Closed" state after attempting a purchase. This state is affecting both gold and real money purchases.

Currently we have identified affected accounts and are working on creating a resolution. As updates become available, this thread will be updated with any new information.

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