Paladins are getting their second healing Elemental - Benevolent Djinn!

A new Kobolds & Catacombs card has been revelead by the Thai player Anothersy - Benevolent Djinn. (Source

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If I had to describe it with one word, I’d just say “okay”. The card doesn’t look impressive, the stats are mediocre, the effect is just solid, but nothing impressive. You can’t really call that card bad, because having a decent body with a healing effect is never really bad, especially if you’re facing a lot of Aggro.

On the power scale, it’s comparable to Hot Spring Guardian. Well, it might even be a bit worse – even though the effect is ongoing, the lack of actual Taunt hurts, and you can’t heal your minions if your hero is healthy (which is a great boost in slow matchups). And, unlike Shaman, Paladin already has access to some strong healing. That said, Forbidden Healing, Wickerflame Burnbristle, Ivory Knight and Ragnaros, Lightlord will all rotate out next year, so they might already be setting up for that.

Another issue I have with this card is the fact that 3 mana slot in Paladin is already crowded. You’d probably want to run it in a slower deck, and slower decks already have many cards to pick from - Aldor Peacekeeper, Stonehill Defender, Wickerflame Burnbristle, Acolyte of Pain, Rallying Blade, plus some potential techs like Gluttonous Ooze. They don’t all make the cut, but it’s another 3-drop that competes for the same slots.

It also has an Elemental tag, but I don’t really think it’s going to matter. Elemental Paladin was played for a bit, with a Handbuff mechanic, but it wasn’t that strong. Handbuff decks prefer to play a faster build, to utilize the tempo gained from buffs on multiple cheap minions. This doesn’t exactly fit that kind of playstyle. Maybe more Elemental synergies will be coming to Paladin?

Paladin got some slight synergy with healing in the last expansion – Blackguard – although like I’ve mentioned before, the class already has some better healing, and the card is still not that useful, because it’s often hard to set up. This card would make it a bit better, but it’s not a huge boost to its usability or anything.

So in the end, this card is okay, but I don’t think it will make the cut now. It’s just that Paladin has better ways to heal right now. However, after all of those strong healing cards rotate out in 2018, this has a chance to see play (depending on what cards Paladin will get in this and the next expansion).

Card rating: 2.5/5

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