It's time for the first first cooperative Tavern Brawl! You can join forces with a friend by issuing a challenge from the Tavern Brawl menu, or the game will find a partner for you by hitting the regular Brawl button. This Brawl makes clever use of cards such as Arcane Golem and Dancing Swords to help your partner out.


The goal is simple, defeat the boss card Gearmaster Mechazod before he defeats either player. He will swap sides after each of the player's turns and one of the following cards:Overclock is deadly as it increases the damage of both Double Zap and Bomb Salvo. As Gearmaster Mechazod gets more attack, the harder it will be to maintain a board and the quicker the game needs to end. Remember, if one player dies, both players will lose, so make sure to heal the other player if you need to! You will want to keep your health above the Gearmaster's current attack level in case he decides to use Double Zap or Bomb Salvo. Also, don't rely on a single large minion attacking more than once, as Gearmaster Mechazod will Assassinate the card between turns.

The Priest deck contains a few buff cards, but many cards that will benefit from heals and your partner playing spells. Due to the large amount of healing cards in both decks, Lightwarden and Holy Champion can be buffed quite easily.Paladin
The Paladin deck contains many buff cards. Use any of the Blessing cards on your minions to get a large attack in before he Mindgamess the creature. Use healing cards when your partner has Lightwarden and Holy Champion on the field. If you have extra mana, having extra tokens on the field to soak Bomb Salvo will be useful to keep your more powerful minions alive.

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Even if you've heard reports to the contrary on social media, Ben Brode took to Twitter to remind everyone that deck slots are indeed coming.

Don't believe everything you read! More deck slots are being actively worked on. :)

@bdbrode Is there some lack of communication going on, has the recent backlash changed decisions, or something else?
@TheMeoang we announced that we're working on deck slots a long time ago. Just some confusion over recent comments, it seems.