Unearthed Raptor Hotfixed

Nov 21, 2015

Last Updated: Nov 21, 2015
After the bug was revealed in which Unearthed Raptor could cause your client to crash and keep you from rejoining your match, Blizzard has pushed out a hotfix limiting the number of times it can copy Deathrattle effects.
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We’ve hotfixed an issue that would occur when Unearthed Raptor’s Battlecry effect was used to duplicate several copies of a Deathrattle.

It should now be possible to combine Unearthed Raptors with cards like Shadowstep and Brann Bronzebeard to duplicate several copies of a Deathrattle effect without causing a crash.

However, too many instances of stacked Unearthed Raptor effects still had potential to cause stability issues. To avoid that, we’ve capped the total number of Deathrattle effects that can be copied on a single minion.
The issue was first reported on the forums and confirmed by Disguised Toast.

PSA: Don't Unearthed Raptor an Unearthed Raptor that Unearthed Raptor-ed another Unearthed Raptor. Locks you out... pic.twitter.com/9iMokUKDUY

@DisguisedToast @PlayHearthstone Unable to login until server disolves the game. Both players crashed. Unearthed Raptor chain with Brann.

He also made a video demonstrating exactly how it crashed his client, but due to NSFW references we will not be linking it here.

In it he plays Brann Bronzebeard into a Dancing Swords and then copies that Deathrattle with Unearthed Raptor. He then plays another Unearthed Raptor and proceeds to Shadowstep's it back into his hand before copying it again at which point the system crashes as it becomes too much to handle.

The new cap is apparently 16.

@The_T The new cap should be 16 Deathrattle effects on a single minion.