Much akin to The Grand Tournament which introduced both Inspire and Joust, so too has The League of Explorers came with its own new keyword.

That new mechanic was Discover, a feature that prompts the player to choose one of three randomly selected cards to their hand. Regardless of the card played, Discover will almost always prompt the user with cards that are either neutral or of their class. For example, when playing Ethereal Conjurer, a Mage will never be presented with Hunter's Mark as an option. Every card with the keyword currently has a specific criteria which defines the pool of cards it draws from, such as being a Beast, costing three mana, or having a Deathrattle. The vaguest it currently gets is Raven Idol, which Discovers a minion or a spell. There is no card that simply says, "Discover a card."

There are a few outliers among the mechanic including Arch-Thief Rafaam which gives you the selection between three predefined cards: Lantern of Power, Mirror of Doom, and Timepiece of Horror. Another Legendary minion, Sir Finley Mrrgglton gives you the opportunity to Discover a new hero power.

discover screenshot

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Can Discover present duplicate options?
No, the mechanic selects three different options and therefore having two or more of a cards be the same is not possible.

Can you refrain from choosing one?
No, you must choose from one of the available options to move on.

What happens if your turn ends while you're selecting a card?
The leftmost card will be chosen for you.

Why do I always see so many class cards?

@bdbrode @CM_Whirthun I just heard this morning that data shows Discover RNG is weighted towards class cards. What say you?
@ESchwenke That's intended. A class card is 4x more likely to be discovered. Sorry we didn't make that more clear during the announcement.

I've seen players Discover cards not of their class. How does that happen?

As seen in this chart, this can only happen if your hero has transformed. When you have become Lord Jaraxxus, Warlock is your newly assigned class. So a Mage would stop discovering spells of their own class and would assume the mantle as a Warlock.

The only other strange interaction comes from when you're Ragnaros the Firelord. In that situation, if you're playing a class card, the Discover options will simply be of the class they are. For example, Dark Peddler would discover you Warlock cards. If you play a neutral minion with Discover as Ragnaros the Firelord, one of the classes will be selected at random and it will draw from a pool of both that and neutral cards as per usual.