Hunter was previously a very binary class. Either you were going face 100 percent of the time or you were developing your board and prioritizing value with a more Midrange focused deck. And this was the status quo for what seemed like an eternity. Everyone knew that Midrange Hunter was very solid but lost out to its faster paced brother. Then along came this little invention called Hybrid Hunter which merged the two and completely changed everything we thought we knew.

Because of this invention, matches against the Hunter have gotten significantly more difficult. You used to be able to know within the first two turns exactly what your opponent's win conditions were. But Hybrid Hunter slotted Leper Gnomes alongside mid game juggernauts like Savannah Highmane. By doing so it allowed the deck to survive a ton of early game pressure that Midrange was unable to, but it also gave Face a way to stay alive whilst making some trades.

But surely something that merges many strengths also assumes many weaknesses?

Well not exactly.

ItsProtoHype's Hybrid Hunter can beat pretty much any deck it matches up against and that’s partially what makes it so appealing. But while it doesn’t have any inherent Achilles heel, it doesn’t come with as many free wins that its brethren receive.

That said, just like Face Hunter, if this deck gets rolling during the first three turns, there’s generally no recovering. But rather than playing multiple minions with charge or increasing your damage output, your minions scale. So your opponent can either choose to either ping off the small but many horde or deal with the large presence threats. Rarely can decks do both at the same time. Thus, the appeal of Hybrid Hunter.

The deck has been losing some steam as of late with Midrange Hunter steadily coming back into favor. Hybrid heavily relies on draws as you need to keep your curve relatively on point lest you give the opposition too much of an early lead. Combine that with the fact that Control Warrior and Handlock have been on the rise and Midrange is experiencing a boom it hasn’t seen in some time.


With that, of course, Face Hunter has started creeping back into relevance as it looks to take free wins off of the Midrange Hunter.

When trying to figure out which archetype you’re up against look for these key card differences:

(Reminder that these are general rules and don't apply to all cases)We’re curious to see what becomes of the Hybrid Hunter. It took the world by surprise just about a month ago and has done surprisingly well. However, as the community looks to optimize the deck, it keeps coming dangerously close to simply being a Midrange Hunter at its core. The question is, will the two become one, or will a new innovation keep this deck unique?