We've all seen one-turn kills in Hearthstone using powerful cards, but what about Axe Flinger and Wolfrider?

One-turn kills are generally frowned upon in Hearthstone. Whether it was Midrange Druid back in the day, Patron Warrior combos with Frothing Berserker before Warsong Commander was nerfed, or even Freeze Mage just a few months ago which used to have Ice Lance as a major damage source. Most people don't enjoy being killed in a single turn.

But there are some exceptions. In general, the community is a fan of unorthodox combos that aren't really viable at high-level play.

YouTuber Shiju knows that there are a lot more OTKs in Hearthstone that the community at large is unaware of. Over the past few month or so, they've uploaded a few videos highlighting some of these which enable you to combo your opponent to death in a single turn with cards you wouldn't normally associate with massive amounts of damage.

Death by a single Wolfrider? A bunch of Axe Flingers? Count us in.