Learn how to get Tyrande for yourself!
The previously announced Priest hero skin, Tyrande Whisperwind, is now available through Twitch Prime through November 5. We've confirmed with Blizzard this with be the only way to obtain the skin.

For those in ineligible regions, Blizzard is looking into how to make it available elsewhere.
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Try Twitch Prime and Get Tyrande Whisperwind!


High Priestess Tyrande Whisperwind has been a fierce protector of her people for millennia. Her wisdom is legend—she has seen kingdoms rise and fall, and she has faced every threat to Azeroth for thousands of years. She is the chosen of the goddess Elune, and under her leadership the Night Elves have survived and prevailed throughout history. Whether defeating demonic incursions, managing difficult relationships, or providing wise council to Azeroth’s greatest leaders, Tyrande always knows the right play.

Ready to shine the light of Elune on your Hearthstone decks? Through November 5, you can add the new Priest hero, Tyrande Whisperwind, to your Hearthstone collection when you try Twitch Prime!

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Time is short! Try Twitch Prime and bring Tyrande’s wisdom to your Hearthstone collection today! Elune-Adore!

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How to claim Tyrande Whisperwind:
  • Sign up for a free trial of Twitch Prime at twitchprime.com
  • Go to Twitch.tv and log in.
  • Navigate to any channel page.
  • In the left side navigation bar, hover over over the image of Tyrande Whisperwind and click on “Get Code”.
  • Copy the code and go to battle.net/code and redeem code.