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ADWTCA and Merps, previously of HearthArena, released their scores for the latest wing of the League of Explorers.

What are your thoughts?

You can check out the full list on the Grinning Goat website. For reference, the best cards in the arena are Tirion Fordring and Dr. Boom at 130 points. An average card is a score between 50-60 with bad being anything that falls below 40.

Back to TopCustom Hearthstone Board & I Played Malorne Turn 3, and Was KO'D on Turn 4....

There are plenty of awesome fans that have taken up the task of designing their own card backs. The results of those efforts have frequently been awesome, but one artist took it a little further and designed their very own game board. Via Reddit.

Sometimes you play a Turn 3 Malorne and just win right then and there, other times...not so much.

custom hearthstone board.jpg

Back to TopHearthstone CroKnows: Deck Building 101

Our last video this week is an educational piece from StrifeCro regarding deckbuilding. In it, he talks about power and consistency, synergy, and the different genres of cards out there.