Just prior to the end of BlizzCon, we caught up with Trump for a quick talk about the convention, the recent changes, and his outlook on League of Explorers.

How much of the world championship did you catch?

I caught the semifinals and the finals.

What was your favorite part?

There are a lot of crazy moments, but probably my favorite moments are where every single play where I would have said, “Okay, I’m going to do this play," and then the players did something else. So I really did learn something from that and I hope to improve for next year.

How do you think Hearthstone is now that Warsong Commander is nerfed?

I think that the Warsong Commander nerf does make the meta better. It basically shifted the types of decks that were viable to a more minion focused game, which I do agree is better for the game. That said, I wish there had been something a little bit more elegantly done. In my opinion there was some better way to do it, but this way is [also] okay.

Secret Paladin is obviously the hot topic at the moment. Is it really an issue?

The thing about Secret Paladin, I think that people ultimately end up disliking, and I’m kind of going to use Firebat’s perspective here as a base here. You do the two play; you do the three play. . . Shielded Minibot, Muster for Battle, Piloted Shredder, 5 drop, Dr. Six, Dr. Seven, Dr. Eight, and it’s like, “Eh, whatever it’s a brainless deck.”

[Ed. note: In saying Six, Seven, and Eight, Trump is reffering to Mysterious Challenger, Dr. Boom, and Tirion Fordring]

But that said, I believe it can be beat and there are several decks out there that have an over 50%-win rate against it and if those show up, that deck will get punished. I would enjoy more decks to have a better reactive play if you know you’re up against that deck.

Based on recent events, do you think we need to see more frequent changes to Hearthstone?

I’m in favor of more frequent changes and I’m in favor of small changes when they need to be done. For example, I believe that Warsong Commander could have been hit less hard and the charging Patron deck would still be good. That said, I’m very happy that a Patron deck actually won the World Champsionship, so hey, props to Ostkaka!

What do you think of the League of Explorer cards?

I have had a chance to look at them, it’s going to take a little while for me to digest them, to review them. Probably my favorite card is Reno Jackson [as he] inspired the Control player in me. I will be building at least one Reno deck.

As someone who's well known for Arena (on top of ladder), how do you think Warrior will do now with the LoE cards?

The Warrior commons are going to help the Warrior in arena a lot.