We're back and we have Pro Decklists to include in this week's update! Thanks to some digging, we've been able to recover a bunch of decks that you would have missed otherwise. Users continue to love Tr4pgoblin's Face Shaman guide while Kolento continues to dominate the pro charts.

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DeckDust CostCreator
ELEPHANTS, GUIDE ME TO HIT THE FACE!/ ??????, ??????????? ???? ? ????!2,000 Tr4pgoblin
Basic Mage Starter Deck0 DerMef
Tempo Mage *Karazhan*3,540 G3nXsiS
Mill Rogue3,540 BraneAna
s17 Shaman Totem #CheapLegend1,600 pa1nkill3r
Wild - Reno/Elise/Finley Control Rogue!5,820 DanJack
Burn Shaman1,940 yoshimario40
Wild - Control Dragon Hunter with Brann!7,840 DanJack
Resurrect Priest *Karazhan*5,180 G3nXsiS
Hot Popular Warrior OTK4,000 mcrawford620

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DeckDust CostCreator
Kolento's Dragon Priest5,360 C9Kolento
Kolento's greedy druid6,360 C9Kolento
Kolento's Idol Ramp Druid8,880 Kolento
Neviilz's Anyfin OTK Murloc Paladin3,120 Neviilz
StrifeCro's Elise Control Priest6,400 StrifeCro
Amaz's Reno Control Mage6,560 Amaz
Thijs' OTK Renolock5,280 Thijs
Zetalot's Control Priest3,640 Zetalot
Firebat's Camel Midrange Hunter3,160 Firebat
Dog's Reno Druid7,200 Dog