Need something new to play this weekend? Check out the top Hearthstone decks from the past week featuring this week's Deck Spotlight: Dragon Warrior and Fr0zen's #1 Legend Tempo Mage from January! You can read more about that here.

Community Decklists

DeckDust CostCreator
Fun Easy Win Dragon Warrior8,320 kooscar
Disco Zoo Lock *Karazhan*2,780 G3nXsiS
Dragon Hunter - Control6,360 Hopesedge
Mill Rogue v3.01,240 Tb1rd
Basic Shaman0 ch3p3
Mech Mage *LOE*4,880 G3nXsiS
Summoning Stone Control Priest1,940 sandgrain2k
Legendary Silence Combo Druid (by Blacktide)4,120 blacktide77
Face Hunter1,160 MidnightHS
Patron Warrior4,080 MidnightHS

Pro Decklists

DeckDust CostCreator
Fr0zen's #1 Legend Tempo Mage4,820 Fr0zen
Kolento's Brann Zoolock1,200 Kolento
Kolento's Bolster Dragon Reno Warrior10,660 Kolento
AKAWonder's OTK Murloc Paladin3,160 AKAWonder
Lifecoach's Secret Paladin6,980 Lifecoach
Savjz's Hobgoblin Zoolock1,720 Savjz
Cross7224's Egg Secret Paladin5,540 Cross7224
Fibonacci's Control Warrior10,600 Fibonacci
Senfglas' Shadow Priest4,340 Senfglas
11point5ft's Reno Tempo Mage6,080 11point5ft