This week's top decks are a Silence Combo Druid and Bolster Dragon Reno Warrior!

It's Friday and that means another week is in the books. Congratulations, you made it to the weekend!

When you go to hit the Hearthstone servers and are looking for something different to play, check out these top decks from the past week. We've gone ahead and separated community and pro decklists so you get a good selection of what our users are playing and what's actually optimized for the ladder.

Back to TopCommunity Decklists

DeckDust CostCreator
Legendary Silence Combo Druid (by Blacktide)4,120 blacktide77
Tophs' Reno Jackson Hunter6,460 Tophs
Wild - Control Dragon Hunter with Brann!7,840 DanJack
Murloc OTK?2,400 deritof
Explorers Assemble!5,000 williedills
Cheap LOE Reno Lock1,340 Tonnahawk
Cheap LOE Grim Patron Warrior V 4.12,200 Tonnahawk
Basic Mage0 ch3p3
Tempo Mage *Karazhan*3,580 G3nXsiS
Dragon Me Down6,140 JocePlays

Back to TopPro Decklists

DeckDust CostCreator
Kolento's Bolster Dragon Reno Warrior10,660 Kolento
Lifecoach's Secret Paladin6,980 Lifecoach
Neviilz's Anyfin OTK Murloc Paladin3,120 Neviilz
Thijs' OTK Renolock5,280 Thijs
Hotform's Malylock5,440 Hotform
Zetalot's Control Priest3,880 Zetalot
Thijs' Anyfin OTK Murloc Paladin4,820 Thijs
SuperJJ's Miracle Rogue5,020 SuperJJ
Kripparian's Reno Fatigue Warrior7,060 Kripparian
Dog's Brann Mage2,360 Dog