Hey folks! It's been just about a week since our last look at the top decks of the week and we're back with what you all have been particularly fond of. Surprisingly, there's not a single Druid deck to be seen and tons from the Hunter class which is strange considering how many believe it to be among the weaker classes at the moment. Anyways, have a look and let us know what you find interesting, what you're running, and any ideas or tips for those trying out these decks!

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DeckDust CostCreator
Basic Mage0 ch3p3
The Burning Legion7,240 Slurpeemourne
Cheap LOE Aggro Face Hunter 1,320 Tonnahawk
face hunter1,600 naitis
Dragon Hunter - Control6,360 Hopesedge
Miracle Rogue4,920 FailURGamer
Fatigue Mage ( LOE )3,660 Nikolian
Tempo Flamewaker2,800 williedills
C'Thun Reno Lock *Karazhan*6,780 G3nXsiS
Disco Zoo Lock *Karazhan*2,780 G3nXsiS

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DeckDust CostCreator
StrifeCro Mech Mage2,800 Strifecro
JAB's Zoolock3,820 JAB
Neirea's OTK Murloc Paladin3,260 Neirea
Rdu's Zoolock2,760 Rdu
Trump's Midrange Hunter2,980 Trump
Savjz's Hobgoblin Zoolock1,720 Savjz
Savjz's Brann Mill Mage2,460 Savjz
Spell Tempo Mage [Kolento]4,760 Kolento
Kolento's OTK Murloc Paladin3,260 Kolento
Luffy's Overload Aggro Shaman1,860 Luffy