We've tallied up the numbers and this week's top decks are a Kolento's Idol Ramp Druid and a user made Aggro Shaman decklist with a good amount of humor injected into the guide. So before you sit down tonight to start grinding away at the ladder, take a look at some of these to see if something different might appeal to you. A few in particular have low (or nonexistent) dust cost so they're very friendly towards new players. Sadly the pro player decks this week are all on the expensive side, but if you're looking for really solid lists to help you climb the ranks, these can certainly be it.

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DeckDust CostCreator
ELEPHANTS, GUIDE ME TO HIT THE FACE!/ ??????, ??????????? ???? ? ????!2,000 Tr4pgoblin
Minion War11,600 Mightylorddk
Thrombin's LOE Control Warrior14,660 Thrombin2
Legend F2P Aggro Mage900 Stok3d
Aksil's Basic Zerg Mage0 Aksil
[Budget] Zoo Warlock1,240 Aoryu
Murloc Paladin *Karazhan*5,820 G3nXsiS
Buff Priest2,640 PowerChaos
Murloc Challenger2,500 ShadowDecker
All Basic Hunter Deck0 guestcg

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DeckDust CostCreator
Kolento's Idol Ramp Druid8,880 Kolento
Ostkaka's 2015 World Champion Freeze Mage6,960 Ostkaka
Fibonacci's Control Warrior10,600 Fibonacci
Reynad's Mech Warrior4,040 Reynad
Senfglas' Shadow Priest4,340 Senfglas
s21 SuperJJ's Malygos Miracle Rogue5,060 SuperJJ
Ostkaka's 2015 World Champion Oil Rogue5,080 Ostkaka
Crane's #1 Legend Sir Finley Patron Warrior3,960 Crane
Cross7224's Egg Secret Paladin5,540 Cross7224
StanCifka's Freeze Reno Mage6,780 StanCifka