We're really pleased with what the community has come up with this past week. Users continue to prove that there's lots of room in Hearthstone for awesome new mechanics and that we're probably really bad at balancing things (kudos Blizzard, it's not easy).
People have long been creating custom cards for various card games. Hearthstone is no exception and you'll find examples of it throughout the Internet. Hubs like the CustomHearthstone subreddit which acts as a home for creators to come together and show off their ideas.
This is a place to share and discuss your cards and ideas for Hearthstone. We're home to a growing community and weekly card design competitions. If you love Hearthstone and game design, you've come to the right place!
Each week the Top 5 are gathered up and sent on over to the main Hearthstone subreddit for a much larger audience to see. And thanks to the awesome Hearthcards website, it's easy for anyone to create a high quality render of their card. So check out some of the ones below and give the system a shot. You can share your creations below in our comments or over on the subreddit.
mage-legendary-jandice-barov neutral-legendary-homer neutral-common-build-a-golem warlock-epic-evil-wifin

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  • Emerald Shade & Amethyst Shade - With the goal of creating more minion synergy a la Feugen and Stalagg, this duo is probably overpowered considering you can run two of each in your deck. A vanilla three mana 3/4 with the Mech race ( Spider Tank)has already been proven to be worth the cost and these will grow stronger as the game grow on. Assuming you play both Amethyst Shades before any of the Emerald ones, you'll end up with a three mana 4/6. Doesn't seem so balanced.
  • Jandice Barov - There's very little chance that Blizzard would ever publish an effect of this kind on a creature of this magnitude. You have to devote a lot of resources to a 7/7. Wasting Big Game Hunter or any other hard removal is rough, let alone potentially having to do so three times to remove one 7/7.
  • Homer - Simple, unique, and historically relevant.
  • Build-a-Golem - Seems cool. Can adjust your strategy on the go (within reason as you only get three spare parts to choose from).
  • Evil Wifin - With the demon field being narrowed even more by Standard, this card is easily overpowered. Six Dread Infernals please!