We'll be the first to admit that we always love seeing custom legendary cards. That's not to say the rest of Hearthstone's rarities are any worse, but there's just something so satisfying about the dragon inlaid onto the border, the auburn color of the gem, and it helps that this week's cards also have fantastic looking art. In addition, we have our own submission this week as a new named World Boss has been found by Wowhead!
People have long been creating custom cards for various card games. Hearthstone is no exception and you'll find examples of it throughout the Internet. Hubs like the CustomHearthstone subreddit which acts as a home for creators to come together and show off their ideas.
This is a place to share and discuss your cards and ideas for Hearthstone. We're home to a growing community and weekly card design competitions. If you love Hearthstone and game design, you've come to the right place!
Each week the Top 5 are gathered up and sent on over to the main Hearthstone subreddit for a much larger audience to see. And thanks to the awesome Hearthcards website, it's easy for anyone to create a high quality render of their card. So check out some of the ones below and give the system a shot. You can share your creations below in our comments or over on the subreddit.
rogue-legendary-broodmother-slivina mage-legendary-kryll hunter-epic-snipers-longbow hunter-rare-scouting neutral-epic-captains-parrot neutral-epic-captains-parrot-emotes

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  • Broodmother Slivina - In comparison with North Sea Kraken, Broodmother Slivina has double the Battlecry effect, but only if combo'd with another card. With such a high mana cost you're limited to anything that costs one or two mana which isn't unheard of, but by the time you've reached a point in the game where this can be played, you'll frequently be lacking cheap spells. That considered, the Battlecry is pretty good, maybe even good enough that you won't be devastated when it gets hit by Big Game Hunter.
  • Kryll - This is a really cool concept but probably a bit too heavy on the RNG. Unless you're playing Freeze Mage that can make sure there's no enemy board so Kryll can send all the damage to their face. In addition to that it has pretty bad stats, almost on Illidan Stormrage's level.
  • Sniper's Longbow - Great use of the Inspire mechanic! Not only are we excited to see where Inspire goes next, but we're also very much looking forward to how weapons will be able to evolve over the lifespan of Hearthstone.
  • Scouting - Three mana draw three cards isn't as good as Arcane Intellect and you only get to draw them over the course of three turns.
  • Captain's Parrot - Garrosh can take the voice of Rexxar? We approve.

Back to TopSpecial Hearthhead Submission

Those of you who frequent Wowhead may have noticed that there's a new name World Boss dragon named Nithogg in Stormheim! It's special interaction involves casting Crackling Jolt as it loses HP so we've combined Lightning Jolt and Grim Patron to make a new legendary with a cool effect! Check out the reveal on Wowhead for more info before heading on over to Hearthcards to make your own variation! We'll be choosing some of the best submissions to display next week!