With all the chatter regarding the major changes coming to Hearthstone, our favorite custom cards from the past week got a bit delayed, but now we're back! There's a few Shaman cards - one that's arguably broken and the other which is probably a fantastic fit for a one mana drop.
People have long been creating custom cards for various card games. Hearthstone is no exception and you'll find examples of it throughout the Internet. One such hub is the CustomHearthstone subreddit which houses a place for those creators to come together and discuss their ideas.
This is a place to share and discuss your cards and ideas for Hearthstone. We're home to a growing community and weekly card design competitions. If you love Hearthstone and game design, you've come to the right place!
Each week the Top 5 are gathered up and sent on over to the main Hearthstone subreddit for a much larger audience to see. And thanks to the awesome Hearthcards website, it's easy for anyone to create a high quality render of their card. So check out some of the ones below and give the system a shot. You can share your creations below in our comments or over on the subreddit.
shaman-animate-totems-spell neutral-baby-ogre rogue-forsaken-sailor

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  • Animate Totems - Honestly, we think this card is probably a bit to snowbally to ever make it through playtesting. Totem Shaman never really took off and still needs that little extra something to make it truly competitive, but Totem Golem is easily the strongest totem in the game. Changing your entire board into 3/4s should be much, much more expensive than this. Granted you need to have a board presence unlike Mirror of Doom, the bodies from this are even stronger than those, so two mana is way too little. Cool concept nonetheless.
  • Baby Ogre - Don't think anyone would actually use this. There are very specific decks in which Worgen Infiltrator is run and that's mostly because it has Stealth. Without that and with a 50% chance to miss? It wouldn't be run.
  • Forsaken Sailor - Seems like a pretty cool concept. Great on the first turn you use it, even better if it lasts more than one turn. This is especially true since theoretically the 2/3 weapon allows you to kill their 3/2 drop from turn two and make it that much harder to eliminate him. Probably a little overpowered though.
  • Cauldron Rumbler - This card would be really nice for Shamans! One of the bigger issues with the class is finding consistency outside of the Aggro archetype. Having a way to deal with other aggressive decks would be fantastic, especially seeing as this could feasibly make two or three trades before dying to damage. Like most other one-drops it's useless in the late game, but incredibly useful when you draw it first.
  • Jack Beanstalk - Though a one mana 2/2 is actually really good and having it give you a benefit on top of that is fantastic, it may not be reliable enough to justify. If you don't draw the giant, it's like it was never added, and if you do, it needs to be of a type that's actually usable for you. They're all playable in the late game, but outside of that, you may have just been better off drawing something else from your deck.