Ever have the RNG go so far against you that you just want to concede on the spot? Unfortunately these flippant cards don't exist, but if they did, you'd have an answer to that. New this week are our thoughts on their synergies, shortcomings, and more.
People have long been creating custom cards for various card games. Hearthstone is no exception and you'll find examples of it throughout the Internet. One such hub is the CustomHearthstone subreddit which houses a place for those creators to come together and discuss their ideas.
This is a place to share and discuss your cards and ideas for Hearthstone. We're home to a growing community and weekly card design competitions. If you love Hearthstone and game design, you've come to the right place!
Each week the Top 5 are gathered up and sent on over to the main Hearthstone subreddit for a much larger audience to see. And thanks to the awesome Hearthcards website, it's easy for anyone to create a high quality render of their card. So check out some of the ones below and give the system a shot. You can share your creations below in our comments or over on the subreddit.
warlock-dark-iron-corruptor hearthstone-neutral-merchant hearthstone-table-flip neutral-legendary-dragon-eranikus

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  • Dark Iron Corruptor - For reference, Cursed! is the card that this adds to your hand. At face value it doesn't seem so bad: three mana for the same body as Flame Imp, but you only take two damage and that's on the next turn. However, you'll need to spend an extra two mana to stop the effect which really makes this cost five mana total. Needless to say that's not really worth the expense even if it has synergy with Molten Giant. The only way we can see this exchange being favorable is if you're playing a hyper-aggressive deck that ignores the extra damage it causes in favor of making the opponent choose between slowing damage from hand or dealing with the threat on the board.
  • Merchant - Absolutely broken. Bananas is not equal to a Tarnished Coin. Really can't see this happening, the second player getting a Coin is just too important to the balance of Hearthstone.
  • Flip the Table - Purely humorous. With the amount of salt in the Hearthstone community regarding RNG, it's to be expected though.
  • Eranikus - Seems too risky given Big Game Hunter. If you play this any later than turn five you really risk getting severely punished by some of the more expensive minions with high attack. In addition, it also makes it easier for your opponent to utilize the benefits before killing it with BGH.
  • Warlord Zon'ozz - Not bad value for the mana cost, that much is true. But a 1/1 is incredibly weak even if it can copy Battlecries. Malygos comes to mind as something that would be fun to toy with in a spell damage deck.