Early game aggression may be a thing of the past.

Hearthstone's new elementals just keep rolling in. With Blizzard confirming there are about 25 new Elementals in this set, the latest being a legendary Shaman minion, we can now total seven revealed thus far with Blizzard's official Zhihu account showing the all new Tol'vir Stonekeeper though he's not an elemental himself.

Granted Stonekeeper needs to be activated by a previously played Elemental, it's worth noting that this is a Sen'jin Shieldmasta with Divine Shield. And with Sen'Jin already seeing some amount of play as it is, this late in the content cycle, we're willing to bet that Stonekeeper will be a taple in any deck focused on the new tribe.

Aggressive decks continue to cry as many of the cards revealed thus far offer a lot of early game solutions such as Taunt, albeit some of them come with a price.