These are the decks pro players have been successful with.

We recently polled our community on Twitter and found that those participating wanted to see more pro decklists promoted on the site. We've previously done a top Hearthstone decks roundup focusing on those submitted by our community, but it's clear that folks would much rather see lists that have already proven themselves on the ladder. Today we're debuting a new weekly gathering of decks from various pro players that have either helped them break into Legend or reach high rankings. Bonus points if they make #1 Legend at any point.

In our research for this post, we've noticed the plethora of Token Druids that have really taken over the ladder. This is backed up by the latest vS Data Reaper report which shows that 12.4% of players above Rank 5 are playing Token Druid.


Deck Rank Dust Cost
 Luffy's Legend Token Druid 30  5880
Meati's Top 10 Legend Dragon Priest 7 6400
 Zanananan's Legend Midrange Murloc Paladin 463 11960
 Sveiks' #1 Legend Secret Mage 1 2160
Sjoesie's Top 10 Legend Miracle Priest 9 6400
 BLS' Legend Token Druid 399 4320
Meati's #1 Legend Miracle Rogue 1 11000
Fenom's Legend Token Druid 175 6600
 Ike's Legend Jade Elemental Shaman 172 7900
 Zetalot's Legend Dragon Priest Legend 5860
 Evangelion's Legend Control Paladin 679 12620
Vlps' Legend Miracle Rogue Legend 10640
Sjoesie's Top 10 Legend Miracle Priest 10 4840
Lektron's Legend Tempo Mage Legend 4300